Imagine a World…

A world so dark and light, fear controls us, but we can overpower it.

Imagine a world where you are not in control of your own thoughts and actions.
Imagine a world where you have to hide yourself, keep away from others, and have immense fear. Where you wake up everyday with fear. That you can’t be around those you love.
Imagine a world where every action you make is controlled by another, telling you what you can and can’t do, yet you follow along. Where what you thought was real was actually just a ploy to strip you of your rights and control you every thought and action.

That is the world we live in. There are both positive and negative aspects of life. Light and darkness. Don’t fear the darkness, but stand up and push through it. No one else has control over you. Only you determine the life you live in.

Imagine a world where you stand up for what you believe in. Where you take action and speak up.
Imagine a world so bright and wonderful that you can create just by standing by what you believe is right.
Imagine a world that is not controlled by fear, but by love. Where you accept others for who they are, and help those in need.

That is the true world we live in. Don’t let fear control you. Be independent and think outside the box. You are meant to be free. So be free. You can make the life you desire just by going towards it and not losing sight of your goals. You can and will accomplish greatness just by being you. The only person who can hold you back is you. So remember, you can achieve what you truly desire just by letting go of resistance and fear and being true to yourself. Stay focused and committed. You got this!

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Imagine a world so dark, yet so light. Anything is possible.

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A topic that is perfect for Halloween time. Fear is what is controlling the world and people must find their inner strength and power. Imagine a world is what we all do. Thinking how good things could be. But, not knowing that the world we want is obtainable just by going for it. Our goals can be achieved just by living it and not letting fear or other people control us. We are in control and three answers are within us.



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