“I’m Trying” Is Detrimental to Your Success

Manifest what you truly desire by changing the phrase "I'm trying" to something more positive.

“I’m trying to eat healthier.” “I’m trying to lose weight.” “I’m trying to stick to a schedule.” Are these phrases that you use for things you are trying to accomplish in your life? Almost everyone has used these phrases in some way, but don’t realize it’s counterproductive. But what is wrong with the phrases and why is it a problem?

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The key issue with the phrases is the term “I’m trying.” But why? Well, it comes back to the idea that you are giving yourself suggestions, affirmations, about something you wish to accomplish. You are trying to lose weight – but all you are doing is trying and not actually losing weight. Thus brings us to the problem, “I’m trying” is detrimental because it gives your mind the suggestion that you are trying to do something, but that is it, just trying. Not achieving or succeeding with the goal, but just trying to accomplish the goal.

“I’m trying” isn’t really a negative affirmation, nor is it a positive one, but rather neutral. It prepares you to try to achieve what you desire, yet falls short of you actually achieving it. You try and try, but get nowhere, which is what you have said to yourself when you repeat the phrase, “I’m trying.”

So how can you actually achieve what you desire then? Change the phrasing. Believe that everything you want and desire already exists to manifest it into your reality. By saying, “I’m trying,” while it may seem positive, it only attracts the trying aspect. You try and try, but that’s it. To reach the finish line and accomplish your goal, change that phrasing to, “I am” and “I have.” Instead of “I’m trying to lose weight,” what do you think the correct phrasing would be? The phrase that will bring you to a successful outcome would be, “I am losing weight. I am my ideal weight. I have lost weight,” and so on.

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If you live in the reality that your dreams and desires are happening right now, instead of you trying to get there, then you will accomplish success as what you are manifesting becomes reality. In other words, don’t try to do something, actually do it. Don’t try to lose weight, actually do lose weight. Don’t try to eat healthier, actually eat healthier.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem, and all it requires is a change in some phrasing to realize that your true potential will be fully expressed. Live life as if you already have the things you desire, and give yourself the positive affirmations and suggestions to enforce the idea that you have what you desire already in your life and don’t need to try to get them, as they are already here.

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“I’m trying” – I hear this phrase all the time from people. They don’t realize that it’s holding them back from realizing their true potential. Instead, they keep saying and thinking they are trying, but wonder why they are not making any progress. This phrase prevents them from accomplishing their goals, like a roadblock, since all it does is manifest the trying aspect, and not the actual results. I’ve learned to change this as well since what I want to accomplish and manifest is already here. All I have to do is believe it to be and the universe will respond to my request and show me the path to move towards to actually accomplish this. I do not try, I do and succeed.


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