How to Workout When You Hate Physical Exercise

If you despise working out, but know how much healthier you'll feel afterwards, here are some tips to get you motivated.

Why do you despise working out? What is it that makes you dislike it so much that you procrastinate and end up not doing it? Do you have any pre-existing ideas in your mind that it’s too hard, too time consuming, too much work, and perhaps won’t pay off? If so, you need to drop those right now since those ideas that are preventing you are solely in the mind.

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As much as we may deny it, our inability to workout is often unjustified and based on ideas and expectations we form within our mind. Perhaps we lack motivation and the task feels daunting to us. This is often because we haven’t formed a routine yet. It’s imperative to have a time dedicated to working out since without a schedule, you’ll go about your usual daily activities and events without giving it any thought. Start small with a few minutes, and have a plan with the workout.

Secondly, consistency is key. There is no need to workout every single day. Rather, a few times a week will do. Have the time of day and days of the week down for when you dedicate to working out. This can be as simple as a walk one some days, and harder workouts on others.

If you are lost when it comes to a workout, you can either go to a personal trainer, or watch workout videos online or try a workout app that guides you. This will help you be motivated for a set time. Working out with a friend is also extremely beneficial.

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Realize your goals for working out. These should be something along the lines of being healthier and feeling better. Losing weight can be a goal, but don’t set that as a primary goal. Instead, that is a secondary goal that comes with being healthier. However, be conscious of negative goals since if you set the goal to losing weight, and don’t see results in a reasonable time, then you may feel discouraged and frustrated, causing you to stop.

If you have a disability, or are really unhealthy, it’s imperative to be patient with yourself and listen to your body. Don’t rush. The worst thing you want to do is wear yourself out too soon before any progress is made. So as with anything in life, the slower you take it, going at your own pace and increase as time goes on, the better.

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Remember, the hardest part of working out is setting the time and doing that first move. The more you develop the habit, the easier it gets. The work may be challenging, which it should be, but the act of getting started is what you have to get down first.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I have been working out for years, and it started off pretty small. I have been faithful in using a workout app that really helps me stay on track and have set moves. I also do some weight lifting and other minor workouts that have been consistent. The only time I don’t workout is if I’m sick or injured. It’s part of my routine and if I don’t do it, I feel worse.


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