How to Perform Reiki on Yourself for Healing

Here is a simple and easy way to perform reiki on yourself for healing.

Reiki is a form of natural healing that involves using the hands as a conduit for energy to promote relaxation of the physical body and chakras, the energy centers of the body. Performing reiki on yourself is very simple, and you have already done it many times. Think about a time you hurt yourself and you put your hand over the area and you feel a relief. That is basically reiki in a sense. But, we’re going to go deeper, yet keep it simple, for anyone to do it with ease.

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You may find it useful to slightly open a window or door. Also, take a few deep breaths to let go of negativity that may be within you. Generally you want to start with rubbing your hands together a little bit, and it helps if your hands are warm. After you’ve done that, think about a spot on your body that needs healing. Maybe you have a physical injury, or you feel a blockage somewhere. Follow your hands and let them move to the trouble spot, ideally several inches away from the skin. This part of the energy field around the body and the problem may seem physical, but could be further out, so go with what you feel is right.

Take some deep breaths and imagine positive, healing energy from the Earth below and universe above entering your body and slowly going down your arms and into your hands. Keep building this energy with each breath. Once you feel enough energy in your hands, gently move your hands like you’re spreading something open. Imagine the healing energy starting to go into the trouble spot as you slowly move your hands closer and closer to your skin.

You may notice that the trouble spot appears dark in your mind’s eye. This is due to trauma and negative energy that has built up, which we’ll be releasing and replacing with positive healing energy, that tends to be bright. Keep doing this until you’re closer to the skin or wherever the trouble spot is.

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Now what I like to do is using my right hand, I use that as a means to extract the negative energy and then the left hand as a way to fill the void with positive, healing energy. With my right hand, I start to extract the dark energy as if pulling a string. You want this to match the breathe. I find that with the inhale, pull the negative energy out, gently tossing it to the side and out the window or door. Then with the exhale imagine energy that’s in your left hand going into the trouble spot and starting to heal it, even moving the dark energy away. Keep repeating until all the negative energy is out and been replaced by positive energy. Sometimes you may need to shake your arm to get out any residual negative energy that may be there.

Now safeguard this healing process by putting a shield around the area, moving your hands in a a dome shape to protect the healing energy from dispersing. This will keep the positive energy in longer and not allow the negative energy back to the area.

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By practicing and repeating this process, you’ll start to notice many positive benefits when it comes to healing.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I heard about reiki a long time ago and found I have a natural ability for it. I can easily harness energy to heal myself and others. The problem is that it seems to come with being highly sensitive to not just physical things, but also other people’s emotions and energies. I can feel down just by being around others. Being able to control that and not be as sensitive has been a challenge.


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