Summary: The fountain of youth. Does it exist? Can you truly feel young forever? Of course you can, with these helpful tips. Age is just a number, as age is largely about how well you allow yourself you engage in youthful activities.

Being young is not just about your physical age, but also how you behave and view yourself. As you get older, do you view yourself as old and unable to do certain things you used to love when you were younger, because of how others might view you as immature? What if some of the things you truly enjoy are mostly geared towards people who are way younger than you, or even children? Do you express yourself freely, or do you hold back out of fear of judgment? Whatever the case is, as you get older, you may not only physically and mentally feel older, but you may limit your interests to reflect your age.

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Feeling young forever is about maintaining a balance between your physical age, and connecting with your inner child and letting them express who they are, the playful side of your personality. As we age, we may be more hesitant to show off our playful side, largely out of fear of judgment from others, that people will see us as immature, and how society may react to us acting like a child when we are an adult. Regardless, we limit ourselves intentionally to not make ourselves look bad to others.

Maybe another reason we feel old is due to the changes our body makes as it ages. Wrinkles, less functional joints, less stamina, and less mental sharpness and clarity. Dealing with getting older is difficult for many, and there are a great number of people who shut themselves off from youthful activities just because their body ages and they think they cannot be a young soul again. If you want some tips on dealing with getting older, I have talked about this, so be sure to check it out.

Just because you are old, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy activities that you did when you were younger. Embrace your inner child. How? Listen to the playful side of you that is deep within. How does it want to express itself and play? It may physically be harder for you now that you’re older, but that should never stop you from trying. Amazing things can happen when you just go for it.

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Just because you have connected with your inner child, doesn’t mean you should be immature. There is a difference between being youthful and being immature. The former is largely about connecting with your inner child, expressing yourself to the fullest, and not letting society determine how you should act for your age. Immaturity is largely about acting in a snotty, even arrogant manner, often seeking revenge or doing petty things to get back at someone. Be the mature person here. With maturity comes growth and strength to not let society, your family and friends, determine how you should feel about yourself. Instead, you will be in alignment with who you truly are and express yourself in the most optimal way possible.

Pickup some youthful activities that make you feel young again, that connect you with your childhood and you will feel young. Your body may age, but that doesn’t mean your interests and desires have to. Retain your youth by expressing yourself to the fullest potential.

Age is just a number, so don’t let it define you. Act mature, but also retain your youthful spirit, connecting with your inner child, and you’ll feel young again. Whenever you think that you are too old for something, despite wanting to do it, go for it and just be yourself, expressing your interests. That is the true way of feeling young forever.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

Age is just a number. For the longest time I felt like I was still in my teens. That changed around age 28 or so where I felt older. I still feel younger than I am many times, but some weird things with my body make me feel older. Still, I retain my youthfulness by expressing myself and my interests without being tied down to what society says someone my age should think and do. Instead, I just be me and express my playful, fun self to the fullest potential to feel youthful.

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