How to Detach From the Ego | Tips for Stability and Rational Thinking

Detaching from the ego and not letting it control every aspect of your life is not easy. But, with these steps you can be stable and rational, without fears of what others may think about you.

The ego is part of our conscious mind that is reactive, emotional, and controls most thoughts, behaviors, desires, and impulses. It’s what ties you to the physical world we reside in. The ego serves a purpose as a defense mechanism since it reacts quickly without thought. However, many people live in their ego, unable to connect to the deeper part of themselves, and thus are often angry, hostile, and unable to think for themselves. These people often collect other people’s thoughts and ideas and absorb them into their own ego. This is the ego dilemma. In my previous video, we discussed this dilemma in detail. Now, we’re going to be exploring how to detach from the ego and begin to think more rationally and be emotionally stable.

Ego as a negative aspect of life
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There is no doubt that the ego is impulsive and emotional, and that tends to be the thing that is one of the hardest to change. The ego reacts quickly which is what it’s designed to do, as a survival mechanism. However, we give it too much control and allow it to be reactive and emotional during times it doesn’t make sense. Dealing with impulsiveness and emotional instability is to connect deeper with your emotions. What brings you happiness, sadness, and anger? Furthermore, what makes you feel these emotions very quickly to the point it’s uncontrollable? When you begin to feel the emotions very strongly, instead of reacting by yelling at someone, or taking it out on yourself, or whatever other negative impulsive that comes up, it’s best to quickly think logically and bypass the ego for a moment and see if what you’re getting upset about is actually worth it. A classic example is when your spouse gets on your nerves and you get upset at something trivial, such as dishes that are unwashed. You may be very reactive and turn something small into something much larger. It’s not you doing this, but rather your ego igniting the flame. Think rationally and put those emotions in check since it’s not worth getting upset over.

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Being introspective is a huge part of detaching from the ego and bringing out your true self. What do you want to pursue in life? The thing that comes to mind needs to be explored since you will immediately have doubt. That doubt needs to be analyzed since that usually is the ego talking, disguising itself using your voice but is actually another person’s opinion. When you begin to break down those walls, you begin to find who you truly are, but there is another huge hurdle.

Stop comparing yourself to others and wanting to be better than them. This too is a survival mechanism since we are competitive by nature, survival of the fittest. So, we will do whatever it takes to be a better person. However, in our attempt to do so, we deny one major thing, and that is our true self. We get so caught up on how we present ourselves that we neglect ourselves. Since we’re living in the ego, that’s all we want to present to others, and thus it’s fake. We have a fake persona of who we are and think we know ourselves, but we know nothing about the person we are deep down. When you begin not caring what other people think, you’ll be able to pursue your passions without fear of criticism and doubt. You don’t need to compare yourself and want to be better than another since you have no worries that lead to you feeling this way. You live life independently, and everything outside of you is an illusion. You shape the external world based on what you think internally. When you live solely in the ego, the external world, then it’s filled with chaos, hostility, and fear.

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Detaching from the ego and not letting it control every aspect of your life is not easy. But, with these steps you can be stable and rational, without fears of what others may think about you. When you put the ego in its place and let it do its job when absolutely necessary, you’ll find out just how much you’ve been holding yourself back.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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People have said that I’m one of the calmest people they’ve ever met. I rarely get angry and let emotions control my response to people. It can happen, but not like it was when I was a child. When I was young, I would get angry so easily and destroy things. These days, I can feel anger, grasp onto it for a while, but then let it go. I don’t allow those things to control me. I also have gotten good at not caring what others think about me. It simply is irrelevant.


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