How Fear is Used to Control You

Summary: Fear is the easiest way to control someone. Propaganda is used to instill fear within you to make you believe a false narrative.

Fear is one of the greatest tools to control people. Fear has been used to encourage people to do things they normally wouldn’t do in a calm state of mind. Fear changes the way we respond to a situation and can make us act in a way that is the complete opposite of what we would normally do. Fear is such a great tool to get people to do things that it’s used in many marketing campaigns.

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You’ll often be unable to realize that your actions are controlled by fear. We all have a variety of different fears, and some of us go to extreme lengths to avoid it. Many of us also have a fear of death. We are afraid of dying, and will try to combat it the best we can via scientific means, yet completely ignore the natural ways to strengthen our immune system and live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s clear when watching and reading sponsored videos and articles about health, the chemicals in our food and water that are contributing to cancer and other issues, that it’s simply a way to market to us. We consume the information and think that because of what we eat and drink that we will die. Also in the article is a magical supplement or essential vitamin or mineral that can help us. Out of fear, we buy the product. We may not have even been aware that our impulsive buying was due to the fear that was implanted within us. We are all controlled by fear.

Imagine a scenario where an unknown and mysterious pathogen is unleashed on the planet. A deadly disease that is invisible, everyone has it and is contagious, has been amplified by the news media and health experts as they say millions are going to be infected and die. Does this sound familiar? It should, because that’s what happened in 2020. It initially started out as a serious and deadly infection where millions were projected to die. But shortly after, those initial projects were lowered drastically. However, people still retained the initial fear. Their mind was trained to believe their loved ones, friends, and every other person they come into contact with, as well as the fresh air that gives them life, was an enemy. Why? Because once fear is implanted, and continuously reaffirmed by the news media and health officials, then it’s hard to actually be calm and rational and differentiate between fear and facts. This is a good example of how fear has been used to control the population.

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Another example, if you heard your neighbors say that there was a dangerous animal around your home, you would be rightfully afraid. However what if another neighbor said it was a harmless cat? Who would you believe? And would you still be afraid and let fear control your actions if the latter turned out to be true?

So, fear is used to control people. The more fearful you are, the easier you are to control. When you are concerned for your own life or someone close to you, you’ll do anything to protect yourself and them. Getting out of this mindset is extremely difficult since once you are fearful, you cannot simply just change your perspective. Rather, the easiest way is to learn to rationalize your emotions from the very beginning so you’re not controlled by them. Be calm, rational, and skeptical of any information you consume. Not everything you view will be accurate. If you’ve never seen it or experienced it personally, then you have every right to be skeptical.

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Listen to your intuition. If someone feels off about something you’ve heard, then what do you personally believe is right? If everything seems weird, don’t ignore this feeling. Your intuition is telling you that something is wrong here. So listen to your intuition and do your own research. Don’t blindly listen to the news media, health officials, the government, and so on. Rather, listen to yourself. What do you truly believe that isn’t controlled by fear? If these people and agencies are intentionally using fear as a weapon, threatening you until you comply, then that should raise a big red flag. Do your own research always. Look at things from other perspectives, and let your own intuition prevail.

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Doing these steps will allow you to be a free thinker and not let your emotions and fear get the best of you. Always do your own research and see through the lies in any media and you can think for yourself.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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Fear has been the motto of 2020, and realizing how easily people are controlled by fear, I could see straight through the agenda that was playing out right before my eyes. Many people couldn’t see it, but I could, and over time, people saw what I did. Fear is the tool of control. Fear is used to control someone’s actions, beliefs, and to get them to conform. We are intended to be free thinkers, and by thinking outside the box and for yourself, you can accomplish so much.

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