As the Weather Gets Colder & the Holidays Approach…

Dealing with a toxic family and chronic winter depression and anxiety? You're not alone! There are various ways to help alleviate some of these symptoms.

As the weather gets colder and the holidays approach, it’s important to pay attention to your own mental wellbeing. The end of the year is rough for many, largely due to the change in seasons, vitamin D deficiency, family turmoil, stress, anxiety, and so on. It is also hard for people who do not have a family since they may feel alone during this time.

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So as the weather gets colder and the holiday’s approach, pay attention to your mental health and what is negatively affecting you. What things are bringing you stress and anxiety? What is making you feel depressed? What is causing you to have low energy and become more susceptible to getting sick? All these things can be avoided by being mindful of them, and giving your body what it needs to thrive during the winter months that are filled with holidays.

What are some things you can do to help alleviate some of these symptoms? Since the holidays are rough, I would recommend checking out my video on “Navigating Through the Holidays” for some tips on beating the stress that comes from it. But, there are many other aspects that also need to be addressed. Let’s explore what you can do if you have a toxic family and are constantly stressed and depressed around this time of year, and what can you do to boost your mood and health so you don’t get sick. Both of these are actually directly connected.

When you have a family that has opposing views as you, constantly arguing with one another, and fighting to the point that there is never peace, it’s no wonder you would be stressed out and anxious at this time of year as you are on edge as you never know what they are going to say or do. It’s important that no matter how scared you are, that you make those who have hurt you aware of what they are doing. Stand your ground and don’t be pushed around. Say to them how what they are doing to you, or their interactions with others in your family, are causing you to feel bad and bring about feelings that are detrimental to your health.

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While this may not be an option for some individuals, you have to find ways that are going to help you alleviate the stress of the holidays and still feel calm and collected and at peace with yourself. Find some positive outlets that allow you to channel the negativity and stress out in a productive manner, and you will find it more tolerable to be around the stressful, toxic family.

Another aspect to this that is often overlooked which is directly connected, is your physical health. Did you know that being in a state of anxiety and depression during this time of year can actually cause you to become more susceptible to getting sick? Yes, it’s very true. Depression, anger, and fear are the top emotions that lower your vibration and make you susceptible to getting a physical sickness. Likewise, not getting the right vitamins and minerals, often due to a change in season, also lowers your immune system, makes you more susceptible to getting sick, and can negatively impact your mental health.

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Vitamin D and various B vitamins are crucial, especially during the winter, so make sure you are taking them to ensure that your immune system is strong and healthy. Did you know that the overwhelming majority of people who get sick during the winter months also have low vitamin D levels? Hence why this important vitamin is crucial to your health.

The holidays are stressful for many, but if you change your mindset to be more mindful and at peace, and change your diet to eat healthier and take the proper vitamins your body needs, you’ll find that you’ll much more easily manage the holidays, even with a toxic family.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I used to dread the holidays. I’m still not a big fan, but I manage them effectively. I used to get sick every year, and I disliked being around family. All that changed when I changed myself. I made sure my physical health was in check, taking appropriate vitamins, as well as my mental health being in check. While I am still sensitive to the cold weather, I’m much better at dealing with the issues that come from the holidays and I stay physically and mentally during them.


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