Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a way to contact you?

Yes, please look at the contact page.

Have you made a video about _____?

Search this website to find out. I get questions daily about videos I’ve already done, and it’s a simple search away.

Have you ever had surgery?

I have had a tracheal shave, as well as SRS (sex reassignment surgery). Watch my video about that. I’ve never had FFS (facial feminization surgery)

What is your sexual orientation?

I would consider myself bisexual/pansexual. I can be attracted to both men and women.

Would you like to have children?

No. I’ve made a video about this. The reason is because I have more important things to focus on instead of caring for a child. However, if I was a parent, this would only happen if I was born a woman and could give birth. My partner and I would make a positive intention to bring life into this world.

When pregnant, I would focus on my baby and the positive intention, feeding it healthy foods that it needs to thrive. When about to give birth, I would avoid hospitals and would have a natural birth.

Breastfeeding is also very important. I would also avoid pediatricians at all costs. The child would have quality food to eat, be raised without technology until they are older, they will be disciplined and taught to be respectful with responsibilities. They would be homeschooled, but encouraged to make friends by meeting other children at events, playgrounds, and so on. I would teach my child how to better themselves and understand their emotions and thoughts. Meditative practices will be encouraged to achieve this.

Cats or dogs?


Favorite movies?

Inland Empire and Mulholland Drive. I also enjoy the Scary Movie series. (No, I’ve never seen Split.) Though, I mostly watch documentaries.

Favorite foods?

I love all sorts of foods. I enjoy cooking and making delicious things. I make the best pizza (with tons of toppings), avocado and cucumber sushi, salsa, and many other Indian and Asian foods (which is the majority of what I eat).