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Have you tried to manifest what you truly desire, but keep failing with affirmations? These three simple techniques will help you get to the root of the issue so you can finally attain the life you desire.

Are you trying to manifest something? Perhaps the dream job you’ve always wanted, a loving partner, money, or anything else, and you feel like you’re going backwards as it backfires and you end up manifesting the complete opposite of what you desire? If so, there is a reason for this and a way you can manifest what you truly desire the correct way.

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Your reality is shaped by what you think. If you perceive the world as a cruel and awful place, then your reality and existence will reflect that. If you think the inverse, then you’ll have amazing opportunities presented to you that most of your peers are jealous of. But, if you have a positive outlook, and things are failing and going backwards, then it’s time to face the reality that what you’re doing is not working and no amount of positive thinking will get you out of it. You have to change your mindset entirely and implement new techniques to help you succeed.

Many times affirmations do not work because they are negative. Someone trying to lose weight may say, “I’m no longer fat,” “I do not eat junk food,” “I don’t hate the gym.” These are all negative since they include negative words such as ‘no,’ ‘not,’ and ‘hate.’ The correct way of forming an affirmation is to make it positive, such as saying, “I am grateful for my thin body,” “I love healthy food,” “I enjoy exercising.” These are affirmations that are not reality right now, but prepare the mind to accept the reality that these are true, and you shift into this reality.

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This is not the only technique. This is the foundation, but there is a lot more to implement if you’re struggling to get results. You must visualize while saying them. Saying is one thing, but without meaning behind it, you’ll get nowhere. Visualizing you achieving that goal, meeting that person, being confident, or whatever else you wish to manifest, along with repeating the affirmations that go along with it, will accelerate your results. This is because you feel what it’s like to have that reality when you visualize, and your mind and body thinks it’s true. You may smile when you visualize as you repeat your affirmations again and again.

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This leads us to the next tip, which is repetition and persistence. Affirmations do not last long, and you’ll go right back to your old thought patterns unless you keep repeating them again and again. Think of it like learning a new skill. The more you work on it, the better you become. But, when you stop for a while, you become rusty and need a refresher. Saying the affirmation in your head can work, but you want to say it out loud with force, like you truly mean it, and desire it. You also want to write it down on paper. Write it down ten times in a row, and do this multiple times a day, repeating it out loud, and visualizing. You can even make signs with your affirmations written on it and put them on your walls, keep a note on your computer, and keep it with you at all times, in your wallet, or purse, and always be reminded. If you truly want it, you must be reminded at all times of the affirmations you are enforcing within your mind. If something is not working, alter it and keep working at it.

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The more you apply these three simple techniques, the more likely you’ll manifest your desires, or at the very least, become aware of another subconscious roadblock that must be eliminated first in order to manifest what you want. You are what you think, and when you live and think as if you already have what you want, then those things you desire will be attracted to you like a magnet. You may not see changes immediately, but you will feel them immediately until the old, negative conditioning within your mind is broken and you start to form new pathways towards success.

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Manifesting is not easy. There have been plenty of times in my life that I’ve greatly benefitted from affirmations, yet others I feel did the complete opposite of what they were meant to do. Those existed to teach me other lessons first before I could manifest them. You can’t manifest your dream job without knowing the skills first, so that’s basically what happened to me. I had to learn first and these techniques helped me realize that, be patient, and keep at it since I knew it was possible with enough hard work and dedication.


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