Evolution vs Intelligent Design

Evolution and intelligent design are two theories about the origins of human life. Evolution is a scientific point of view, while intelligent design is a religious/spiritual point of view. Which one is true?

The origins of human life are debated heavily among those who are science minded and believe in evolution, or Darwinism, and those who are religious and believe in intelligent design. These theories are meant to answer the unknown since human beings are naturally curious. Humans are naturally scared of what they don’t know, and thus have to have an answer to the origins of life so they feel like their life has meaning, that there is a reason why they are here and how they got here.

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On one hand, the theory of evolution is often taught in school, and is based in science. The type of science is questionable to say the least, but is still evidence based. The idea is that humans evolved from animals that are similar to them, such as monkeys, over centuries. Evidence can be seen by looking at neanderthals and how they weren’t quite human, nor ape. Looking at these evolutionary characteristics change over years, this theory makes a lot of sense to people who want to know how they got here, with science and evidence to back up their beliefs.

However, another theory which was around far longer than evolution was intelligent design. This one is often religious and involves God, or a higher being than humans, creating human beings in his image. Humans are part of God. This theory also implies that God created the universe, the Earth, and every living thing in existence. This theory is often found at the root of many religions to give an answer as to how humans got here. Another thing it adds is the purpose in life, which is often to serve God. This will vary based on religion, but the common principle is the same.

But, which theory is correct? You can have this debate all day with someone who strongly believes evolution is the answer and someone who thinks intelligent design is the answer and you will often not be able to change their mind. Both of these theories cloud the eyes, dividing people, and making one another appear like an enemy. Does it really matter what the true answer is? How does it affect someone’s life? The truth is, it doesn’t. People want to give meaning to life, and that includes what happened before they existed, during the time of their existence, and what happens after they die. This is a human trait, so no wonder they have come up with ideas as to the origin of human life.

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But, what if they both are correct? What if a higher being created the universe we live in to observe it, yet added in variety to see how things changed over time? What if lower life forms changed and evolved, leading to humans? When you look at many of the things that are happening in the world today, you can find many things that can prove there is a power that supersedes human beings. Whether or not this is the ‘God’ people claim it is remains to be seen. But also looking at how people and creatures adapt and evolve to their surroundings and the things that happen to them. Perhaps both have a truth to them, but neither are the true undeniable fact.

What is true in the here and now is that human’s greed for power and knowledge comes at a price. The thrust for power only leads to negative outcomes, and we are seeing it unfold before our eyes. Humans think they are God, that they have unlimited power to do whatever they want, yet know so little about their own bodies and the world, and universe, they live in. They wish to play God, manipulating the genome of animals and humans, altering DNA, and even creating artificial lifeforms with the sole purpose of merging with them – transhumanism, the singularity. This is the bigger picture of what humans want, but only a few will be in charge of the rest that must follow orders. Is this the world you want to live in? Or do you want to remain a free human being? The choice is entirely up to you.

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I have never been a religious person, but I also never fully believed the idea of evolution either. I think the truth lies somewhere in between. Perhaps neither are true, who’s to say. Humans wish to know it all, and their quest for knowledge always seems to be clouded in greed. This is why I prefer to keep things open ended since you never know what the truth is. I may not always believe everything, but am open to any ideas about life.

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