Essential oils can be highly beneficial for certain people dealing with mental illness. It can alleviate intense anxiety and promote a calm mind, as well as lift up mood when feeling down. Essential oils may not work for everyone, and everyone has a different scent they prefer, but they can provide relief when used correctly.

Herbal essence

Your olfactory senses are incredibly powerful. Smelling a certain scent can bring about positive and negative memories, make you more or less tense and anxious, and bring you down or bring you joy. Essential oils come from plant extracts, and all plants have various medicinal properties. This is why essential oils can be powerful at helping with one’s mental health.

There are various essential oils that can help with depression and anxiety, such as lavender, frankincense, chamomile, grapefruit, and sweet orange, among others. But, you can use any oil you wish as long as you find the scent pleasant since a large part of it has to do with what you like.

Next is to pick the best way of using the oil. It is not recommended to consume the oil, nor should it be put directly on the skin without diluting it first. Rather, you want to use it as aromatherapy. One way is to use a diffuser where you combine water and a few drops of oil into a device that turns the water into steam and fills the air with the scent of the oil.

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Another technique is to get a roll-on where the oil is diluted and can be rolled into the skin where you can smell it. And another is to get an aromatherapy locket to wear around your neck that you can smell when you are having anxiety and feeling stressed.

Upon smelling the oil when in a stressed, anxious state, it’ll often relieve some of the stress and you’ll feel more at peace. It can work in two ways. One is the properties of the oil itself and their ability to remedy the problem you have. And second is via conditioning. You condition your mind to react a certain way when smelling the oil. Must like how you can react negatively when you see or hear something, you can react positively with you smell something,

Overall, essential oils are a great tool to use to accompany your various remedies to help deal with various mental health problems. It may work well for you, so give it a try and find some scents you like with healing properties.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I’ve used essential oils quite a bit, mostly in a diffuser. I have even used a roll-on to help with stress, and it does indeed help. Smelling something pleasant helps regulate my breathing and allows me to breathe deeper. And if it has natural healing properties that promote a relaxed mind and body, then it helps even more.

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