What to Do if You Feel Emotionally Weak

If you don't feel emotionally strong enough to handle a situation, this information will help you find your inner strength and feel empowered.

Physical strength is very different from emotional strength. You can be the strongest person, physically, yet have a short fuse, get angry easily, and be extremely insecure. Likewise, you may not be physically strong, but show astonishing emotional strength and not be brought down by various negative circumstances.

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Emotional weakness comes from insecurity. You feel insecure about yourself, your life, what you believe and think, and thus hide it from others since you feel ashamed. You get triggered easily, unable to manage your emotions. All of this because you lack confidence. You don’t think you deserve any better than what you currently have, such as love, friends, or a good paying job. You’ve trapped yourself in a hole and you’re the sole one responsible for how you feel.

In order to get out of the pit you’ve put yourself in where you feel weak and insecure, lacking confidence, is to start to analyze the true reasons you feel this way. Why do you feel insecure? Is it because you don’t think you’re as good as the next person? This is a comparison you’re making that should not determine how you feel about yourself. Yet, you allow it to. Why? Because humans naturally compare themselves to others. We see someone who has the ideal life we want, and we feel bad that we don’t have it, and thus feel worthless. We then begin to think about issues we have in our life that are preventing us from having this ideal life. We make excuse after excuse as we truly begin to believe that we deserve a poor, miserable life. But, it’s all a matter of perspective.

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We have unresolved trauma from the past that makes us think we deserve the worse life possible. However, when we actually begin to work at lifting ourselves up, we’ll see how this negative mindset was making us emotionally weak, which consequently made us not take positive actions that could help us improve our quality of life. So, this is the first place to begin, to realize that you do deserve the things you think you don’t deserve. If you think you don’t deserve love, then you must change your mindset to realize that you are worthy of love.

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You will make comparisons to past trauma and justify the reason why you don’t deserve positivity,  but this is in the past and should no longer control your life. This is why it’s important to address this trauma first, ideally seeing a therapist to help you talk through the problems and see things from a different perspective until you get to the point where you’re ready to fully take control and change things on your own. From there is when you begin to lessen the comparisons you make to others, to the past, and realize you’re deserving of the things you truly desire in this life. You can start this by being grateful for the things you have now. Everything you have now, no matter how bad you perceive it, is something to be grateful for. So, be thankful so you can bring even more great things into your life.

If you feel emotionally weak, and like you will never amount to anything, realize that this is because you’re comparing yourself to others and not being grateful for the things you currently have in this life. By letting go of past trauma and realize you’re deserving of love and happiness, you’ll begin to take the actions necessary to attract the things you desire in this life, which will boost your mood and confidence, making you emotionally strong. You must be patient and give it some time since it will not happen overnight.

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I use to feel like I was never enough and that I’d never amount to much. I thought my entire life would be secluded and like a ghost. And while some of that still is true to a degree, I have been able to identify the culprit, which was my past. Dealing with that and eliminating the trauma from my past, not letting it control me, has been the most rewarding thing. I now realize that I am deserving of positive things. I give gratitude for each thing that comes my way since I don’t want to take advantage of it. My life has drastically improved as a result.


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