When All Hope is Lost, Don’t Give Up!

Are you about ready to give up since success seems impossible? Here are reasons why you should NEVER give up, no matter what.

Have you ever felt like you’ve given something your all, only to have it fail, crash down, and burn in front of you? You lose all hope and realize this is the end, so you throw in the towel and give up. This, unfortunately, is a common theme among many people who wish to pursue their passion. However, successful people have also dealt with this, but there is a key component that makes them able to succeed and why you are failing.

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For starters, the idea of failure may be on your mind. What do you define as failure? Is it when things don’t work out like you envisioned, or as quickly as you were anticipating? Or perhaps it backfired and attracted the complete opposite of what you were going for. Whatever the case is, you have to define failure in a way that is reasonable. Failure does not exist, since nothing about you is a failure. Your entire existence here is new and you’re meant to make mistakes. So, a failure is actually a mistake you have made that you are to learn from. Every mistake on your journey of success is here to teach you an important life lesson. If everything fell into place right away, you would’ve never learned from the bad, and just saw the good. These mistakes help you learn the skills necessary for success and help you teach others what not to do. Other people will still make their own mistakes, but they can steer clear of the ones you’ve taught them. It’s only when you don’t learn from your mistakes that you’ve failed.

The most successful people do not give up, no matter what. If something isn’t working, they analyze the reasons why, altering their approach, and finding solutions. They don’t just immediately stop what they’re doing and shut everything down. Rather, they analyze and find the culprit so they can fix it. There are times that no matter what they do, it may seem to backfire, but this is an important lesson for them to learn since it may mean that they need to zoom out more and have to drastically change their approach. The point is that no matter how difficult something seems, no matter how daunting the task appears, there is absolutely no logical reason to give up. A reason for giving up cannot be justified since that means you have not analyzed the situation fully. Rather, you may need to shift your focus and try something new, and even if that fails, keep trying new things. There is no harm in trying. Imagine climbing a mountain, being so close to the top, yet you don’t realize it. One final obstacle awaits you, and you see no way of going around it, so you give up and go back down. You were so close and didn’t analyze everything.

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Knowing when to quit is very different from giving up. The latter being when you view yourself and your actions as a failure, and completely give up everything you’ve built up to this point. Instead of trying a new approach, you go back down that mountain and say you can’t do it. However, knowing when to quit is very different, such as when is the right time to step away from a bad job, or when you’re no longer feeling satisfied with your career path and want something brand new. The difference here is that the person who is giving up is realizing it’s too hard for them, so instead of trying, they forfeit without learning anything important. While the person who knew when to quit has tried the best they can and realize this isn’t for them and they no longer are satisfied or feel a drive and passion for what they once did.

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With this information, you’ll be able to make wiser choices to help you achieve your goals. Life is not easy, so it’s best to start realizing that things you want will take much longer than you hoped for. If you want to learn to play an instrument, but at first glance it seems way harder than you initially thought, go for it right now instead of procrastinating and putting it off. If you’ve heard it will take a few weeks or months to learn it, triple or quadruple that time so your expectations are much higher. Success rarely, if ever, comes overnight. You have to work hard for it. If you’re unwilling to work for it, you will not succeed, plain and simple.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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Anyone who knows me personally would say one thing: That I NEVER give up – NEVER EVER, NOT AT ALL BOY! Failure is not in my vocabulary since there is no such thing. During rough times and moments things have not gone well, life teaches me a lesson. There have been things that I’ve felt I should give up and quit, but then realize that it’s hard for a reason: to help me learn. When you approach life like that, then you realize that learning is everywhere around you and without mistakes, you’ll never learn.


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