Do You Trust the Government? Think Again!

Summary: Does your government really have your best interest at heart or are they playing you to dominate control? If you trust them, then it's time to realize the government's true purpose.

Do you trust your government, politicians, and health agencies? Do you listen to them, complying with their demands without question? The government is supposed to help people, right? But, why does it seem like they always make things worse?

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People want to trust the politicians they voted for to run the country properly and have the people’s best interest at heart. However, this just never seems to be the case. Every politician that comes into office does so with lies about how they would change things, bashing their opponent. But once they get into office, nothing changes, they don’t live up to their promises, and often things get worse. Furthermore, people become more divided, being put up against one another, blaming each other, Democrat vs Republican, Liberal vs Conservative. This is something politicians create, yet people don’t see it and may blindly trust their government that is causing the issues.

If you are going up against your fellow human beings, and trust the politicians that give you orders but do not follow them, then it’s time to start questioning the things your government says and the motives behind it. The government conducts psychological operations on its citizens to put you up against people that should be your friend. Divide and conquer is the strategy since division creates weakness. So, by creating conflict and division about important issues, they put people up against one another so they don’t see the source of the conflict, which is the politicians and government.

Prior to 2020, many people trusted what their government said. However, when people saw that the government would use a crisis to instill fear and make laws that they didn’t even follow, then people began to lose trust in their government and politicians. Trust in the government and politicians dropped significantly in 2020 and continues to drop as more and more people begin to question the laws and mandates that were put out.

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There are people who are still blaming one another for problems that the government caused. This is because the government continues to employ psychological operations on the citizens, gaslighting them into believing the way they want them to. This is done by intentionally lying or exaggerating about a certain event, which gets people angry at the opposition. Sometime later they say the complete opposite of what they said before and deny having ever said the first thing, which also creates the conflict for people who believe them. People seem to have such short term memories that they forget what they were initially told and instead believe the new lie of the day. This is because they blindly trust the government. It’s safe to say that whatever a politician says, the complete opposite is true.

So, the real solution is to begin to question what you’re being told. Is what the government says really of your best interest? Do they really want to help you or are they trying to have control over you? If they want control over you, what is the reason for this? Perhaps they don’t want you to be a free thinker since they won’t have a job and a sense of control and power if you band together with fellow free thinkers and do your own thing. So, get together and blame the real people, your politicians, and be a free independent thinker capable of so much more than what society and your government tells you.

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For as long as I can remember, I didn’t trust the government. I never believed a word they said and didn’t understand why others blindly trusted them. Once 2020 rolled around, I knew the government was not working for the people, but against them. I knew that they had no interest in helping people, but rather shutting down anyone that challenged them. Thus, I knew to believe the complete opposite of what they said. My distrust went back far before this though. I don’t recall a time I ever trusted them. While some politicians are better than others, they all lie and work for their own self interest, thus they don’t deserve my trust.

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