The Disappearance of the Soul | Can You Reclaim It?

It seems like so many people no longer have a soul. But, if you've sold your soul, is it possible to reclaim it?

The disappearance of the soul is a phenomenon that has been occurring since people started to sell their soul, which is ever since the dawn of man. However, over time, due to power, money, and greed, the soul of humans seems to have been disappearing more and more and people are selling their soul for fame and power. This is not anything new, but over the past few years we have seen just how many people were willing to sell their soul to be safe and comfortable with their job, protecting their money, and sacrificing their rights and freedoms. We talked about selling your soul in a prior video so be sure to check that out for more information on that.

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There are different stages of selling your soul. You may sell only part of it at a time, to where you have no soul left to sell. Fear accelerates the soul transfer from your physical body to the external source. And many of us know what 2020 and beyond brought, fear, lots of fear. Many people sold their soul because it was easier than thinking for themselves, being free, and admitting the system has been lying to them their entire life. Realizing these harsh truths is not for the faint of heart. It takes a toll out of anyone who has a connection to the world and knows what’s going on. You risk it all, including your life, just by standing up for what you believe in. Thus, it’s easier to just sell your soul than it is to fight against those who are absorbing your soul. But in my lifetime, 2020 was the start of the large shift and the souls of people began to disappear.

Technology is also another reason the soul of humanity is leaving. With artificial intelligence that people are becoming increasingly dependent on, to less self-reflection and handling of one’s own issues, the individual lost their soul to technology as they think it makes their life easier, more efficient, and happier. But, humans are not any happier now than our ancestors were. As a matter of fact, humans are far more depressed than their ancestors since life is now more complex, with more competition, and nothing to help them deal with their problems besides popping a pill or interfacing with technology. This has led to the disappearance of the soul.

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When you walk down the street, through the store, or anywhere that has a lot of people, can you still feel their energy, their soul? It’s almost as if the vast majority of people are lifeless, hollow shells walking around, doing their mundane tasks for money, power, and acceptance. They all think exactly the same as if they’ve been programmed and are obeying orders by their master. NPCs are what many call them, and it’s truly saddening just how many there are these days. Can you feel that their souls are no longer there?

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With the vast amount of people selling their soul, the question must be asked, is it possible to reclaim it? The truth is, yes, but it’s not an easy task. Think of it like trauma. When trauma has occurred, the psyche of the individual is fractured and they repress and deny what happened to them, either willingly or because their mind has blocked it out due to how bad it was. The same goes for the selling of one’s soul. For you see, when you sell your soul, you still retain part of your soul, else you wouldn’t be alive at all if you didn’t have one. How much of it is left is a different story. You can remain functional with just a small part of your soul remaining as others are feeding off your power. Where you put your time, energy, and money is where you focus your power. When you put it into things that take more than they give, you are left with barely anything in return, but to you it may feel like you were rewarded as you were fed lies and false hope that you believe were real. These parasites begin feeding on your soul, giving you orders as you comply, and ultimately thinking for you and controlling your behavior.

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So how do you stop this? As was mentioned, think of it like trauma. If you want to be free from trauma, you have to go through multiple stages of anger, sadness, and then the upward battle can begin. You have to be willing to acknowledge that you’ve sacrificed your rights and freedom for power and money. You have to be willing to acknowledge that many people around you, perhaps including some of your friends and family members, have lied to you to make you docile and unable to think for yourself. This is a tough realization and will take time to heal from. And lastly, you have to venture upward, removing the negative influences from your life and pursuing your passion. Over time you will notice more life come into you as you become stronger and willing to stand your ground. You’ll be able to face fear head on and no longer be afraid, even if everything was to be taken from you. And you will start to feel and resonate with others who still have a soul intact and be able to discern them from those who are spiritually dead. All of this takes time, but it is possible if you start by thinking outside the box and questioning everything you hear, pursuing your passion, and removing those from your life that are NPCs and are only bringing you down.

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In 2020 I saw a massive change in human consciousness. Their souls shifted in such a drastic way. Many sold their souls just so they could keep their jobs, and now they seem lifeless, like an android doing mundane tasks. Yet those who resisted and stood their ground have personality and life to them. It’s such an interesting thing to observe, but also sad how many no longer have a soul. This has also given me better insight into people since some individuals have a partial soul it seems, like it’s there, but not fully. While others it seems almost entirely gone.


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