Dear Trans People,

A message to the transgender community from a fellow transgender male to female individual.

Dear trans people, no one is taking away your right to exist. There are people who love and accept you for who you are, but you cannot force everyone to agree with you. There will be people who oppose the trans ideology, but they are not taking away your rights and freedoms. Forcing others to accept you when they don’t agree with it is incredibly immature and selfish, and only gets those who oppose you even more angry and upset. Move on past this and connect with those who are here for you, since there are plenty, and realize that no one is invalidating you. Just because someone disagrees doesn’t make them hateful, a bigot, or transphobic. Pointing out scientific facts also doesn’t make them this thing either. If you feel like you’re not safe and being threatened, then it’s clear you lack self-esteem and need to work on that, as well as find the right people that will be your friend. Stop forcing your own self-doubts and insecurities on others and take responsibility and toughen up. You will feel so much better, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

That is my message to the transgender community. As a transgender woman myself who completed my transition in 2013, I know the struggle of other people not accepting me, saying hateful, discriminatory things, and belittling me. The truth is, I let those comments get to me early on because I had low self-worth and esteem. I felt like I was worthless and everyone was after me because I was different. The moment I took responsibility and became tougher, I no longer let those things affect me and realized that it’s not the world that was the problem, but rather me. I let others get to me instead of being strong and resilient. And that is what I find with so many other trans people as well, that they think they are being discriminated against, that people are taking away their rights, and that people who point out simple biology are transphobic. This simply is not the case. It is a delusion of the mind created by you because you lack self-esteem and are unable to see the world around you. People think they are being discriminated against just because they are transgender, but the fact that they immediately jump to that conclusion shows how insecure they are in their own bodies, despite transitioning. This is why transitioning isn’t always the answer.

To all transgender people out there, how long did you go to a therapist before transitioning? Back when I transitioned in the early 2010s it was a difficult thing to get hormones. I needed to see a gender therapist for at least a year. But now, it’s so easy to get hormones and surgeries that even people under the age of 18 are doing it, potentially destroying the rest of their lives, ability to reproduce, and sexual function. The problem I see now is that these people are going to gender therapists that specialize in only one thing, passing a letter off to a doctor to prescribe hormones. I know my issue looking back was exactly this. I should’ve gone to a psychologist to deal with my deep-rooted trauma and abandonment, but I didn’t, nor did the gender therapist I had even explore this. I transitioned to escape that, without evening knowing what happened to me in the past, but now it all makes sense after seeing a real psychologist for many years. That is where you have to start first. Please listen to what I am saying since I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I have.

Despite the health problems I have which I contribute to the hormones and surgery I have had, I cannot change the past and have moved on, being as happy as I possibly can be, not letting it get me down. It has shaped me into a stronger person that is able to take criticism without getting offended. I have realized the harsh fact that I will always be a man. Even though I take female hormones, and my body resembles that of a female, and I present as female, I cannot change what I was born as. That is the whole premise of being transgender after all. I had dysphoria, which was likely linked to my childhood trauma, and instead of seeking help for that first, I transitioned to a female to get rid of it. But, now I know the truth.

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I know some people may not want to hear this information, and even consider me to be transphobic despite being transgender myself and have been for longer than probably most the people who will name call, but I speak from common sense, reality, and going through the journey myself. Please wait until you are over 18 to alter your body with hormones and surgeries, and before that, seek psychological help from an actual psychologist, not a gender therapist, to drill down deeper into any past trauma you may have that is causing you to feel like someone else. You may just thank me one day after being patient and learning not to rush into irreversible and expensive procedures.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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After seeing so many trans people say that others are “taking away their right to exist” and many other issues I see as them projecting their own self-hatred and low self-esteem, I had to put this information out there. It may upset some people, but it has to be shared to provide those willing to listen to some helpful information to not rush into things, and realize that the problems they have come from within. No one is discriminating against trans people, but it appears that way when you lack confidence and love for yourself.


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