Summary: Friends should be cherished. They are here to teach you important life lessons. But when they are no longer around, we may seem lost. However, there are ways of being able to deal with this.

Losing a friend, especially a close friend, causes much mental anguish that it may be difficult to figure out what to do next. Your friend may have moved away and you can no longer see them, they may have stopped communication with you, both of you may have decided it’s best to not talk as much or at all, or they may have passed away. Whatever happened, they are no longer in your life like they once were creating a unique scenario for you as you try to find your way venturing forward without them.

Friends forever

The truth is, friends are here to help us learn and grow. They comfort us during times of crisis, they are there to talk to about rough patches in our life, and ultimately provide enjoyment to our lives as we have fun with them. Not all friendships are created equal. Some may be deep and long lasting, others may be more superficial or shallow. Whatever the case is, if you are upset after a friend that is no longer in your life, there are some key things to keep in mind that will help you proceed.

The first thing is to take what you learned from the interaction and better your life. This friend was special to you and may have taught you important life lessons. Maybe you depended on them for emotional support or other needs, but now that they are no longer around, you feel lost. If that’s the case, then realize that they were here to teach you that you can venture alone – not just alone, but with strength. So reflect on what you learned from them, how to apply it to your life, and hold your head up tall and overcome your struggles. That is what a friend does, even if they are gone.

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Another thing to take away from the friendship is your ability to learn to love life and accept the changes and flaws in others. Maybe you and your friend got along so well, but didn’t agree on one major thing, yet still were friends. That shows unity despite disagreements. Unity brings us together and allows us to see past others’ flaws and accept them unconditionally. If you and your friend disagreed, yet still maintained a friendship, this is an example of how the world can be if you continue to project this sort of attitude, that you accept others for who they are, not what they believe.

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And finally, if it seems like all hope is lost, think again. When you are ready, make other friends, and bring your current friends closer. You are worthy of having friends, and even if your current one ended badly, you can still meet others. Honesty is the most important thing in a friendship since if you can be open and honest about who you are, your friend will accept that and like who you truly are, not a false persona you have pretended to be. So remember, be you, be open, and be thankful.

Losing a friend causes emotional hardship and it’s not an easy thing dealing with the loss of a friend. But, learn from what they taught you, push through and be happy, accepting others for who they are, and understand that there are many others out there that will accept the real you if you put it forward.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I’ve had many friends come and go from my life. I’ve accepted this since I realize I cannot hold onto everyone. There have been long term friends, those who are acquaintances, those who are very close friends, and everything in between. Each one provides a different element I need in my life. There are friends I can talk to about certain subjects, and others I can talk to about different topics. Some understand certain topics better than others, and some are to have fun with. Regardless, each person has a unique trait that I admire and am thankful for in my life. Even the friends I am no longer in touch with, I’ve learned and grown from them to be the best I can be.

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