The feeling of being alone is one of the biggest hurdles we face. At the core of our being, we desire the feeling of companionship, and be actively involved with like minded people, like a community. With billions of people in the world, and the vast Internet to connect with others that are not physically close, we still feel alone.

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It’s not just the physical feeling of being alone when no one is around, but also one of not belonging and like no one understands us. We may think that we are the only ones in the world that think the way we do, and have the interests we have. During a time when we can literally find anyone who has the same interests as us, we still feel alone. This feeling is disconnection. We are disconnected from others. Isolated and alone, we fear the worst because our skills of connecting with others have not been developed due to not actively going out and socializing. We may sit all day scrolling on our phones, having access to any and all information, yet we are so disconnected and isolated.

Furthermore, there are some people that feel alone, yet cannot physically be alone since it makes them feel even more isolated. Being physically with someone, and yet disconnected from them, is a feeling that many are struggling with today. If this describes you, then ask yourself why you feel so alone? Are you scared of others judging you? Are you scared of being vulnerable around others since you feel they may take advantage of you and hurt you? Do you pretend to be someone you are not around others so they will like you more and have dug yourself a hole that you cannot get out of since you know that once you open up about who you truly are, the people around you will no longer like you? If this all sounds like you, then what are some ways of dealing with being alone and finding comfort in your own company.

Finding comfort in your own company has to do with you being truly happy with the person you are. Are you unhappy with your life and who you are? If so, that’s what you need to work on first. What makes you uncomfortable? Do negative thoughts, traumas, memories that you wish not to be brought back up emerge when you are alone? When we are alone and sit with our own thoughts and emotions, it allows us to tackle our issues. If we use others as a means of coping with these, then how can we be self sufficient? Or what about when we feel so alone that we are depressed?

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Your happiness will always come from within. Feeling alone is a sign that we have unresolved issues within ourselves that need to be addressed. We may feel weak and unable to sit with just ourselves, but we are capable at any time to do this. Learn to embrace the feeling of being alone, welcome it, and work on the random negative thoughts and memories that come up from being alone. The reason they come up when you are alone is for you to address them.

The truth is, you are never alone. Just because you have not found that person that can understand you, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just because you may feel like the walls are closing in, doesn’t mean that there is no hope. Rather, each and every one of us is connected. At the deepest level we are more than just our physical bodies. While our physical bodies may be separated, our soul is inseparable since what connects us all, the collective unconscious, is what keeps us one unified whole, merely separated into different physical bodies. This also includes nature and animals. We are all connected. So get out into nature and feel connected to the world, the dirt beneath your feet, and the sun above your head, and you will be grounded and feel connected to the world, universe, yourself, and the collective of all consciousness.

To truly deal with the feeling of being alone is all about being comfortable with who you are, and embracing the feeling of isolation as a time to work on and better yourself. You are truly never alone in the world, and once you realize this, the entire world is yours and you can accomplish and do anything you desire.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I used to feel so alone, like no one would ever understand me or want to be my friend since I was so different. I closed myself off from the world and would not open myself up due to the risk of being treated unfairly and judged. It was only after I learned to be comfortable with myself, and open up to others, that I was able to never feel alone again. There are times I get lonely, but immediately realize that no matter what, I am never alone, and will never be alone since I love the person I am and feel connected to everything around me, including the animals and nature. Everything is connected when you can feel the connection.

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