Cultivating Energy for Empowerment & Success

If you lack energy, motivation, and a drive for life, then this information will help you bring positive energy into your body to boost your mood and life.

Do you lack energy and a drive for life? Perhaps you feel worn out all the time and lack motivation to accomplish what you truly enjoy. Or maybe you don’t even know what you want out of life. If this sounds like you, then there is a way to remedy this. Sure, we’ve talked plenty of times about diet, resolving mental health problems, proper coping mechanisms for stress, and finding something your enjoy, but if you’re tried all those and continue to lack energy, there is another way to cultivate energy to empower you to address problems and motivate you to pursue your passions and steer you in the right direction. It’s called energy cultivation.

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Energy cultivation is a method to bring energy into your body from your immediate surroundings, the Earth, and the universe. Technology, negative people, and stress often depletes our natural energy, so it’s important to balance that so we feel healthy. Energy is part of every cell of our body, as we are essentially made of energy. When it’s depleted, we’ll often feel a lack of motivation, depression, hopelessness, and inability to think for ourselves. Using various methods of energy cultivation, you can reclaim your energy and your life, balancing it in ways you never thought imaginable.

As with any technique, you have to find the ones that work best for you. While these techniques may seem interesting, have an open mind and give them a try to see if they work. If it’s not for you, then try something else until you find something that fits your needs and lifestyle. As with any of these techniques, you’ll often feel a sudden boost of energy and motivation flow through you, as if you’ve woken up with a sudden charge of energy. You may even experience tingles and goosebumps as the energy flows through you.

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First we must discuss exercise. This is a basic technique that gets your body moving and the energy flowing. Even just going for a walk will greatly boost your mood and energy levels. But, doing more difficult exercises, both cardio and strength, will greatly boost your mood and energy levels, especially if you do any sort of walking and exercise out in nature. It will get your heart rate up, you’ll be taking deeper breaths, and moving every part of your body. This is an excellent place to begin.

Another technique is listening to music, reading a book, or another activity that makes you feel a sudden flow of energy go throughout your body. Has there been any song you’ve listened to that made you feel empowered, want to get up and move, or has made you feel tingles go throughout your body? Or what about reading something that makes you feel empowered? These are techniques that resonate with you. While getting up and moving is generally more empowering than sitting still, you can still cultivate energy in a stationary position.

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Techniques that involve breathing are incredible helpful. Taking a deep breath in, holding it for a few seconds, releasing it, and holding is a great technique to harness energy. After doing this a few times, you’ll notice a profound amount of energy you regained. Additionally, you can combine that with some exercise techniques to further harness energy. Additionally, Qigong can be another great way to incorporate breathing, mindfulness, and light exercise to cultivate energy. This practice uses the breath and mindfulness to be in the present moment, as you slowly move your arms and body to match your breath. This is a great way to get energized, especially prior to a workout or when you have to be alert and focused.

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And lastly, reiki can be incredibly helpful at allowing energy to flow, where it may have been blocked before. You can perform reiki on yourself, but many times it’s done by another person. Reiki is an energy healing technique using the hands to move around energy within the body and the energy field directly outside the body. You will generally use breathing techniques along with visualization to accomplish reiki. Taking deep breaths and feeling the energy in your hands, you’ll put them in a place that needs healing, often a few inches away from the skin. As the breath goes in and out, the energy flows from the hands into the part of the body that needs healing, allowing negative energy to flow out and positive energy to flow in.

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With these techniques, you’ll be able to cultivate energy to be motivated which will lead to success in many aspects of your life. Give them a try and see what works best.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I’ve found success with all of the techniques I’ve listed. They are immensely helpful at bringing positive energy into my life, especially during times I feel sluggish and out of place. It’s especially useful when I’m taking shallow breaths for long periods of time and am unaware of it. Breathing has been one of the best techniques. So taking a break away from technology and focusing on myself has made a huge impact.


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