Live as if You Control the World

You control the world and your life, no one else does. Everything you want and desire already exists.

You control the world based on your thoughts. You determine the life you live based on what you believe. Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Do you see the glass as half empty or half full, or neither, or both? While it may not seem like one person can change the world, it is possible and you can be that person.

Our Abundant Universe
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Imagine if everything going on around you, what you like and dislike, is all a reflection of your thoughts and ideas, your anger, your hatred, your love, and your desires. You see things as unobtainable in your life, segregate people based on their financial status, race, gender, and so on, discriminate against others, have hatred towards certain types of people, love other types of people, and have low self-esteem as you try to hide who you truly are. It’s human nature to do these things, but the specifics of what you believe and those you interact with shape your reality.

What if you could control the world and what happens in it? What if you realize that your wants that you see as unobtainable in your life are actually obtainable? The truth is, you can and do control the world because what you think about is what you manifest and bring into your life. What thoughts go through your mind becomes reality, and what you think about on a subconscious level becomes true. If you think the world is a scary place, full of evil and negativity, wars, segregation, discrimination, and so on, then you will live in a world where these things happen. If instead you truly see the beauty in the world, how everything in nature exists for a significant purpose, and people get alone and enjoy each other’s company, then you will manifest that world.

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Our lives are not on a single timeline. We can shift the timeline based on what we think about and believe. Think of a time where you were thinking of something, perhaps it was negative, and then that scenario became a reality in the next few days. Your negative thoughts about the event brought this about because you are shifting into a different timeline where those negative things exist. But, if you change your thought patterns, you will essentially shift to a different timeline that is more positive and in alignment of what you truly desire. This is why it’s so crucial to be mindful of every thought you have since negative thoughts ruled by fear could manifest your worst nightmare.

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Everything you want and desire already exists. Live in the world where you have the things you desire because it’s in your life now. Society may tell you that you will not amount to much. You hear that you cannot have what you truly desire because it’s too difficult to achieve, if not impossible. But, nothing in this world is impossible since it already exists. If you are overweight and poor, desiring a life of financial freedom and being physically healthy, well what’s stopping you? The answer is you, and only you. No one else is stopping you from achieving your goal since the reality you desire already exists and all you have to do is believe you have the things you desire by lessening doubt and fear. The timeline of you already having what you desire already exists, so shift into it by changing your thoughts today, right now.

If you control the world, how would you have it be? Eliminate the doubt, both consciously and subconsciously, and you will attract the things you desire and shift into that timeline where you have the things you want.

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After years of being put down and feeling helpless, I decided to make a change and have my voice heard. I will not, and do not, sit around because I’m too scared to do anything. I used to believe “what’s the point if it’s not going to work out.” This mindset prevented me from actually living the life I always desired. Instead, I changed my thinking to manifest what I truly desire. The trick is to truly believe without resistance and doubt. Any doubt, fear, and unconscious uncertainty will prevent you from achieving what you truly desire.


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