Summary: Making some extra income comes with its own challenges. Here are some ways to manage a side hustle and your health.

The buzz term “gig economy” has been thrown around a lot in recent years. The need for supplemental income, coupled with advancements in gadgets and apps, continues to drive people of all ages towards side hustles. Seniors over 55 seeking additional funding for their eventual retirement and young people looking to chip away at their student debt can now easily start a side hustle to supplement their day jobs.

While there are many advantages of side hustles, ranging from extra income to flexible working hours, The Happiness Index notes that finding a healthy work-life balance is a challenge for many. Juggling two or more jobs can be a logistical nightmare and can cause exhaustion for anyone. This is why side hustlers are notorious for disregarding self-care. Ambition should never be a justification for neglecting your health and wellbeing. With the right routine and best practices, you can balance your job, side gig, and life for the best results.

Manage your priorities and set boundaries

Juggling a full-time job, side hustle, and personal life is a delicate tightrope to tread. Without balance, one aspect will have to suffer. For many side hustlers, personal care often ends up on the back burner. This means sleeping less, spending less time with family and friends, and eventual burnout.

For both your personal and professional lives to thrive, set clear boundaries to avoid sacrificing either. You need to define what success looks like to determine how far you are willing to go. You should also avoid multitasking and focus on one priority at a time.

Pad your calendar

Taking advantage of small moments of downtime throughout the day is conventional wisdom among side hustlers. While these small efforts have the potential to add up to significant results, stress and burnout are often the unintended consequence. advises scheduling downtime in your calendar and avoiding rushing from one project to the next. While this may seem like a lost opportunity to optimize your time, it actually allows your body to recover and have optimum productivity.

Prioritize your joy and happiness

If you are going to use up your free time and strain your personal and social life, you might as well pick a side hustle you enjoy. Choose an activity that excites you and utilizes your natural strengths. Treat yourself to a massage, spa day, or comfortable workout top or super-soft pants.

Making more money should never be your only motivation. A time-consuming side hustle that enriches your soul may cause some work-life imbalance but it’s unlikely to threaten your health and well-being.

Start small and scale-up

You cannot expect to start running a large side hustle from the get-go. Your career, family, and other personal responsibilities will suffer before you find a balance. Start by scheduling small amounts of time each week to build your side hustle and get acquainted with its demands.

By starting small, you will also be able to test the potential of your side hustle before committing your time and resources to make it work.

Hire help where possible

Outsourcing and delegation are the best ways to manage your work-life balance while operating a side hustle. Resist the urge to do everything yourself both at work and in your personal life. Leverage hired help, automation, technology, and friends so that you can optimize your time and efforts in running your business.

The gig economy is set to continue growing and opportunities for side hustles will increase with time. Learning to self-care as you balance your full-time career and side hustle is an important skill that will guarantee your financial freedom without compromising your overall health and well-being.

Coach Autumn Asphodel can help you live a better life through natural means, hard work, and dedication.

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