Summary: Take a vacation and visit some of these places in 2022.

2022 is here at last, but many of us still aren’t fully recovered from the trials and turmoil of 2021. What better way to treat yourself to some self-care and knock a couple of sights off your bucket list than to do both on the same trip? Consider taking a vacation to recharge and relax at the beginning of 2022 in these major cities.


For a less common choice, consider Dubrovnik in Croatia. This historic city has an aesthetic all of its own, including ancient pillared towers, winding cobblestone streets, and a variety of beautiful beachside bars that combine an elegant aesthetic with an unbeatable view.


Seattle is another phenomenal city to visit for a self-care vacation! There are lots of activities, unique neighborhoods, multicultural restaurants and attractions, and a variety of art exhibits running all year round (since there are nearly 200 art galleries throughout the city).

If you like Seattle so much you want to move here, keep in mind you can find apartment rentals in Seattle by using rental listing sites or apps. It may be a good idea to use 3-D tours if available, as these will allow you to view properties more realistically before putting your money down.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another classic American city that’s perfect for a self-care vacation for a variety of reasons, ranging from food to music to culture and more. In fact, New Orleans is particularly known as a culinary capital in the country, so if you’re a foodie who wants to eat great things to recharge after a long year, New Orleans may be just the ticket.

If you enjoy New Orleans enough, maybe you’ll want to purchase a vacation home; just keep in mind that it requires a big down payment, so you may need to take out a second mortgage on your existing home to cover the cost.


Who could forget Rome as an iconic vacation destination? Rome offers delicious food, historic sites, and a temperate Mediterranean climate that makes vacationing here a joy all year round. Whether you like to practice self-care by eating great food or by seeing exotic sights, Rome could be for you.


Waikato of New Zealand’s North Island is a phenomenal place if you like to practice self-care by exploring rainforest environments or by visiting cinema landmarks: specifically, the Shire set from the Lord of the Rings films. Naturally, this tourist destination also has plenty of other things to do!

Staycations at Home

If a destination vacation isn’t in the cards because of budget reasons, consider renting a vacation home in your city. Your local town can be a great self-care destination and give you the comforts of a resort without requiring you to go too far away. Plus, it’ll feel like a self-care vacation since it’ll be a true getaway from your home or apartment. Use a vacation rental site to find the right property for your self-care getaway.

Any of the above cities could be a great place to recharge, relax, and reset your mind and body before 2022’s new challenges. Consider visiting one of the cities for a short while or as a potential place to move to permanently in the future!

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