Benefits don’t have to be boring. Employers are finding new ways to reward employees and entice potential hires to reduce turnover and retain quality workers. Consider implementing these fresh options in your business.

Provide Access to Mental Health Care

The stress of finding work and family balance has always been high. Add to that the significant issues plaguing the world today, and it’s no surprise that mental health among American workers is suffering, according to Mental Health America. Providing your employees with access to counseling sessions is an excellent way to help combat the mental health crisis while improving the quality of life of your employees. With many counseling services offering video call sessions, getting your employees the mental health services they desire has never been easier or more accessible. Start by exploring Autumn Asphodel’s available coaching services here.

Another way you can help with mental health is to add mental health days to your list of paid time off options. Though many employees may use sick days for mental health issues currently, normalizing mental health days is a wonderful way to recognize that mental health is as important and impactful as physical health.

Bring in a Massage Therapist

Massages are often seen as an indulgence, but they can be an important tool in physical health, especially in times of high stress. Offering employees a massage allowance is an attractive perk that many will be more than happy to take you up on. You can also make arrangements for a massage therapist to visit the office and schedule sessions for interested workers to be seen in a private area during the workday.

Offer Gym Memberships

With many jobs requiring employees to be seated in front of a computer for much of the day, physical health can easily fall to the wayside. Providing your employees access to a gym is an excellent way to help them improve their health. Many gyms will offer businesses discounted rates for purchasing memberships for their employees, so shop around the fitness centers near your offices to see what is available to your company.

Host Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are an appealing draw for many individuals looking to improve both physical and mental health. Many gyms host classes, and you may be able to combine these with your gym memberships for even better rates. You can also offer access to live-streamed yoga classes for those who are working from home or aren’t comfortable with in-person classes. Chair yoga has gained popularity in recent years, and these sessions can be completed with employees who are remote as well as those in the office.

Invest in Their Education

For many employees, an investment in education will be an especially appealing draw. Education costs can be high, and student loan debt can cause many employees to stop continuing their education for fear of even higher monthly payments.

When that education also applies to their position in your business, though, the costs incurred can be worth it as that education is beneficial for your business, as well. The more educated your employees are, the better they will be at their jobs. If you have footed the bill for the classes, they will also be more likely to remain at your company out of a sense of loyalty. It is also now possible to earn a degree online, which makes it possible for your staff to continue working for you throughout.

Don’t stick with the same old perks; offer better benefits more specialized to today’s climate to give your company more appeal to potential employees. Your business and your employees will both benefit from it.

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