The 5 Habits You Should Quit Today to Give Your Personal Life a Boost

Here are five daily habits you should stop today to improve the quality of your life.

Whether you have a few bad habits you’ve been meaning to kick or you’re hoping to do a full lifestyle overhaul, it can be helpful to take a closer look at your daily habits and find room for improvement. Practicing healthy habits can support your mental and emotional well-being, and may even enhance your personal life. From forgoing exercise to staying in a toxic job environment and more, here are five habits to consider quitting today.

Change Your Sedentary Lifestyle by Picking Up Exercise Habits You Enjoy

Whether you have a busy schedule and don’t feel you have time for regular workouts or whether your desk job makes it easy to lead a sedentary lifestyle, skimping on exercise is one bad habit that can lead to negative health outcomes later on. Fortunately, finding exercise types you actually enjoy can fix the problem.

You can start by researching fitness classes in your area or trying out for a sports club team. If you’re in a time crunch, simple changes, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, could help.

Stop Putting Your Needs After Everyone Else’s and Practice Self-Care

According to one study, neglecting self-care can lead to emotional distress and even damaged relationships. If you’re always putting your needs on the back burner, it may be time to start prioritizing yourself sometimes. Practice self-care daily by:

  • Meditating
  • Making time for hobbies
  • Relaxing in a bubble bath
  • Taking a day off occasionally
  • Spending time in nature

Leave Toxic Work Environments or a Job That No Longer Fulfills You

Staying in a job you no longer like or that isn’t fulfilling can take a toll on your mental health. If your work environment is toxic or unsupportive, you may want to start researching new positions.

Before starting your job search, you could use a free resume builder online to ensure that your resume is in top-notch, professional shape. You may be able to pick a professionally designed template to get started and then add your own pictures, color schemes, and text.

Drop the Junk Food Habit and Fuel Your Body and Spirit With a Well-Rounded Diet

Although junk food can be a fun, occasional treat, if you rely on less-than-healthy foods to get you through the day, it may be time for a diet overhaul. Fuel your body, mind, and spirit with a diet that nourishes. Try to:

  • Consume smaller portions
  • Limit yourself to one serving of junk food per month
  • Incorporate vegetables and fruits into your meals
  • Pick whole grains over processed ones

Stop Constant Comparisons With Others and Avoid a Negative Mindset

Finally, if you have a tendency to compare yourself with others, there are several reasons to stop. Frequent comparisons can lead to stress, insecurity, and persistent negative thoughts. To avoid a negative mindset, you can:

  • Look for patterns or recurring negative thoughts
  • Identify your triggers
  • Attend cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Look for the silver lining in every situation

If your personal life is suffering from one or more bad habits you just can’t seem to kick, it may be time for a lifestyle change. Identifying your unhealthy habits and finding helpful alternatives can aid you in your journey to a more balanced and positive personal life.



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