Channeling Energies, Thoughts, And Creativity from Your Higher Self

Summary: Your higher self holds the answers, while your ego blocks them. How can you let go of the negativity of the ego and bring in positivity from your true self?

Your higher self is your true calm and collected self, free of worries, depression, and anxiety. Many of us live in the ego self where we compare ourselves to others, try to be better than others as we compete, and get upset at our failures and misfortunes. We are not our ego, it does not define us. Instead, it is the smoke and mirrors of what we think we are to protect what we perceive as a weak and vulnerable core. With the ego, the thinking is limited and what you want to accomplish, your true dreams and desires, will be clouded and never revealed to you. However, your true self holds the answers.

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Your ego is always present with you, it is part of you, it is your defense mechanism that tends to be irrational and acts quickly. However, it’s not who you truly are, nor does it have the best ideas. So, how can you channel your true thoughts, ideas, and creativity from your higher self into you? It may take some time if you’ve lived in the ego for a long time, but it may not be as hard as you think.

As we discussed, the first thing to realize is that you are not your ego. Your negative thoughts and ideas do not define you and are not you. Oftentimes you’ll find that your conscious negative thoughts and voices you hear that put you down are actually just what other people have said to you. Thus, these are not your own thoughts, but rather ones from others that have stuck with you.

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Get in contact with your true, higher self. This is you at the deepest level, free of worries and doubt. Take some deep breaths and relax your mind and filter though the thoughts and ideas in your mind, separating them into negative and positive. Differentiate what your ego is telling you as opposed to your higher self. Your higher self always wants the best of you and will always do things in your best interest to help you succeed. It doesn’t harm you or others. If you’re mad at someone and want to take revenge, that’s the ego. Your true self will want to forgive. Filter through these and keep going down the path of positivity and you will uncover your true, higher self.

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Once you have successfully got into contact with your higher self, you have direct contact with who you truly are. The ego is put aside for a moment. This is when ideas, creativity, and positive energy will begin to flow through you from your higher self. Listen carefully as the lessons learned are often life changing. The more you practice this, the easier it’ll be to let go of the ego and allow your true self to come forward, filled with positive energy and creative thoughts and ideas. The biggest factor at play is resistance and denial, which is what the ego represents. True happiness will come when you let go of resistance and fear and listen to your intuition.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to get in contact with your true self, your higher self, and be able to live your true purpose as positive energy and creative thoughts flow through you. Make the most out of it since you can achieve success just by letting go of the negativity and allowing the positivity to flow through you.

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We all live in the ego, but once you learn how to meditate and let the ego go, your true self comes out. I know from my own experience that this has been quite the journey to filter out the negativity from others, which were not me, and listen to my intuition. I was so caught up on what other people would think about me that I would change myself to be more likable. That was not me. It may have satisfied my ego, but not my higher self. I kept resisting who I truly was due to fear, but once I let that go, I found true happiness.

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