Can You Be Too Intuitive? | Too Little or Too Much Intuition & What You Can Do About It

Is it possible to be too intuitive that it causes issues in your personal life? What happens if you lack intuition? Here are some things you can do to get back into proper alignment.

Intuition is the faculty of knowing something without reasonable evidence. We all have the ability, yet many of us either ignore it or don’t know how to tap into it. Nevertheless, it’s a mysterious ability that we cannot explain in a reasonable manner. It’s important to embrace your intuition, not ignore it, since you’ll get more insight into the world and yourself by allowing you to go with the flow and listening to yourself, even if you cannot prove it with evidence. However, is it possible to be too intuitive?

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Since intuition is a wonderful ability that allows you to make better choices and learn more about the world, what happens when you’re too intuitive and what can cause this? For one, those with mental illness may be more intuitive. These conditions include trauma and dissociative disorders, and various psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. This is often because the part of their brain that is responsible for mental illness is more active and open than that of the general population. Relatedly, various things can lessen someone’s ability to be intuitive, such as psychiatric medication, various chemicals in our food and water supply, and the ability going dormant from lack of use, perhaps due to how the person was raised and taught to always use logic and reason, but never rely on feeling and emotion. All of these things can stop intuition in its tracks, which is not the natural state of humans.

If someone is too intuitive, what may they experience? They may have vivid dreams, premonitions even, of events that are happening or will happen soon. They may sense things around them that are invisible to the human eye. They can spiral into depression, anxiety, and psychosis and can attract negative events and entities to them. Others may think they’re crazy and out of touch with reality. All of these cause immense stress on the individual that their intuition, reality, and delusions become blurred and they are no longer able to discern between what is real and what isn’t. These delusions are so real that they will think people are after them, even though it’s not true, or at least not in the sense they think they are. This is also not a good quality of life, which is not the natural state of humans.

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Whether you lack intuition or are too intuitive, how can you get a grasp on reality, tapping into your intuition in an effective manner, and still be able to have a good quality of life? If you lack intuition, this is often due to years of teachings that you must rely on facts and reason, and specifically told to ignore any feelings you have. This is done by parents, society, and school. You have to go through the process of unlearning your conditioning by tapping into your emotions and feelings. What feels right to you and why do you feel this way? If you’re being persuaded by society to go towards something, but something within you is saying ‘no’ and you have a bad feeling, don’t just ignore that feeling. That could be your intuition. But, the only way to know for sure is to analyze the situation and why you feel uneasy. Your intuition may have given you a hint as to why you should not do something, and it may not make sense until later, but sometimes if you really think your decision through, you’ll understand why your intuition put the brakes on.

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Likewise, if your intuition is too strong, and it’s causing you psychotic symptoms, then it’s all about control and analysis. Protect yourself from negative forces that could be influencing your intuition. You may be thinking negatively because you’re picking up negative thoughts and ideas from those around you, or maybe even your own or other negative forces and energies in your immediate location, and it’s clouding your mind and not allowing you to think rationally. You need to be able to talk sense into yourself and approach it from a rational, logical mind, discerning what is and isn’t real, and making decisions that are evidence and fact based. Are your friends really trying to harm you? Or are you picking up on negativity in your surrounding environment, or doubts you have, or even picking up on subtle negative energy your friend has that we all have. Whatever the case is, a rational mind will lessen the intrusive thoughts you are having when your intuition is too high.

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There is a natural balance between the rational mind, and the intuitive mind. You must use both if you want the most beneficial experience. Your intuition exists for a reason. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, deny, or let get out of control. It’s a tool used to help you better navigate the world. When you tap into it effectively, you’ll get answers to questions you’re stuck on, but in a reasonable manner that doesn’t cause your intense stress or anxiety.

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As someone who has been intuitive for most of my life, for a period of time I was able to tap into it better than I am able to now. Back in the day, when I was struggling immensely with my mental health conditions, I felt like my intuition was higher. It was so strong that I knew what certain people were going to do before they did it. And what still happens to this day is experiencing something, or thinking of something, while a friend is actively in the process of doing that exact thing I thought about. I would not say it’s underactive or overactive. Rather, it seems to be just right for me.


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