Awakening Your Third Eye

Your third eye is the connection between your physical and non-physical body. Lifestyle changes are needed to allow your third eye to open which allows your intuition to flourish.

Your third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead and represented by the color indigo, or purple, is your connection to your intuition and spiritual self. The body part that is often associated with it is the pineal gland in the brain. This organ is often said to connect one’s physical body to the non-physical body, the spirit, soul. It can also be responsible for visions and dreams one has that are vivid, like an out of body experience, and even premonitions.

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This important part of the human body and our life is often closed off to many. For one, society shuns those who are naturally gifted, such as those who can easily pick up on others energies, or the energy in a particular location, and even have visions of what happened in these locations. Science even shuns those who believe there is more than just a physical body since it cannot be proven with science, which deals with matter only in the physical realm. Furthermore, since before birth, when we are still in utero, we are bombarded with toxic chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceutical products, and fluoride which all target the innate immune system of the individual and the pineal gland, shutting it off to the connection to the non-physical domain. The attempt to do this is both deliberate and direct since awakening to your true potential defeats the agenda and lies that those who want to control you have in mind.

Despite that, many are awakening to their true self, who they are at the deepest level, and awakening their third eye. So, here are some ways you can as well.

The first is to keep an open mind. Many of us have been conditioned by society to not think for ourselves or think outside the box. We no longer have our own thoughts as they are implanted in our mind by others as we regurgitate them without question. Keeping an open mind comes not only just with awakening your third eye, but also with life in general. Think outside the box and question everything you’ve been told. Things are never as they appear on the surface, so keep an open mind and be prepared for whatever may happen.

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Second is to consume more real foods that are both healthy and organic. Eating junk food, highly processed food, and foods loaded with pesticides, or have negative intentions in them, such as many animal-based foods, all lower your vibration and make it harder to resonate with your true higher self. Eliminate these from your diet for your overall health and wellbeing. There are even various foods and supplements that promote a healthy mind and pineal gland. Some of these include various medicinal mushrooms, iodine, cacao, and apple cider vinegar.

Next is to listen more to your intuition. What does it say? How does it feel? Your intuition is never wrong, but our interpretation of it can be wrong, as can be denying it can lead to a bad outcome. So, when you get a feeling about something, see where it is coming from. Is it from the deepest level of your being, not constrained by the ego and past experiences? If so, then it’s your intuition.

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And lastly, practice meditation, focusing on the chakra and awakening. You can do a meditation where you focus on the spot between the eyes on your forehead. You will often feel a pressure there. Imagine an eye opening, and as it does, you’ll often see your surroundings as if you had your eyes open, and/or various vibrant colors and patterns.

Practicing these techniques will help you open your third eyes and more easily listen to your intuition. This will help you feel more connected to your higher self and be able to sense things around you more efficiently. You’ll know things intuitively, and will often be right.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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My third eye has been opened since I was young, and I only became more and more aware of what’s going on in the world. I’ve done plenty of practices that help open it, and one of the most effective I’ve found is to close your eyes and imagine your third eye opening, seeing your environment and coming out of your body, almost like an astral projection. Another is to do a chakra meditation, bringing energy from the Earth into the root chakra, all the way to the crown and the universe above, and then energy from the universe going from the crown into the root and into the Earth. There are many ways of going about it, and it does bring clarity and harmony into the mind and body.


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