Summary: Are there more than just male and female genders? Or are they just terms to describe the two genders, male and female?

There are endless debates about whether or not there are just two genders or more than two. I will share with you my perspective on this and why I personally believe there are only two genders.

woman shows notepad with a transgender symbol

The two genders we know about are male and female. In nature and in our history, men were seen as the dominant hunters, and women were seen as the submissive caretakers. While this is still true in the animal kingdom, as well as instilled within our DNA from our ancestors, that doesn’t mean that men cannot be more like women and women cannot be more like men. But, what defines gender anyway?

Gender is different from our physical sex in that it’s not a physical thing, but rather mental. This is the reason why transgender people exist, since their physical sex can be incongruent from their gender. Regardless, since we know about and can identify male and female, what about others who identify as other genders or no gender at all? Some of these include non-binary, genderqueer, and gender fluid, plus many others people have identified.

Do these other genders actually exist? Or are they made up? Let’s look at an example of what I believe that can put this into perspective. Consider male and female to be the day and night cycle of Earth. Daytime may range from 8am to 8pm, and nighttime may be from 8pm to 8am. But, we have different terms for the time of day and night, such as morning, noon, afternoon, evening, midnight, and so on. We have different terms that describe different times of day that help us quickly know what time it is instead of using the broad terms ‘day’ and ‘night.’ Gender is much the same.

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Gender is a spectrum from male to female. People identify somewhere on this spectrum and may feel a bit more male, a bit more female, in between, or neither. However, these are all parts of the spectrum and thus the terms for different genders are ways of identifying on the spectrum.

Thinking of it from the perspective of the night and day cycle, there are ways people identify that may be more masculine or feminine that could just be a different position where the sun and moon are. Or what about those who feel like both? Then that’s the time between night and day, when the sun is starting to come up or set. What about those who identify as neither, such as non-binary? That may be considered the weather, or the clouds. They mask the sun or the moon, but behind them is still whatever the current cycle of the day is, as they too are part of the cycle.

Either way, gender is all part of the spectrum of male and female. That is how our society is run, and how we naturally are as human beings since other species also follows it. Human beings have made it more complex and gave it more thought since we are intelligent creatures and think about our own life far more than animals do that are always hunting for food and looking to reproduce. We have more time on our hands to give meaning and names to how we feel and identify. There is nothing wrong with us, but we must remember that gender is either male or female, and whenever we fall on the spectrum is just a term that identifies us. It doesn’t define us, but rather is just a term, a label, we can use to navigate the world easier.

Male and female gender signs

Remember, gender is purely a physical thing. Our spirits and higher self do not know gender as it’s unimportant. Gender is only important to us in this physical world we live in, so we must learn control and be rational when someone misgenders us, either accidentally or intentionally.

If you identify outside the realm of male or female, please share your experiences.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I thought there was more than one gender, but after trying to discover how this was scientifically proven, I found nothing that showed this. I then came up with the idea and correlation between gender and the day and night cycle. It seemed to fit and make sense, so that is how I now view gender. I myself won’t know what it’s like to identify outside male and female, but if anyone does, please let me know your experiences since I am curious.

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