Transphobia, Transgender Politics, & the Cure for Transgenderism (featuring Zuzanna Mroz)

Zuzanna Mroz and I discuss our transition, transphobia, the LGBT community, transgender politics, as well as the cure for transgenderism / gender dysphoria.

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    Zuzanna had reached out to me for us to work together. I had never heard of her before, but agreed as the topics she wanted to discuss interested me. She was interested in talking about ‘controversial’ topics. I personally don’t really care if something is controversial or not, as whatever it is should be discussed. My own personal views are often not the popular opinion anyway, and with my previous discussion with Blaire White, my ideas were mostly already out in the public. I think a lot of people hide their own beliefs when they know they have an opinion that many others do not like. However, it’s good to talk about these things without worrying about a backlash. It’s valuable to share beliefs, and I’m glad Zuzanna and I could openly discuss these things. It turned out amazingly well and am thankful we could have this discussion.

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