Hi everyone! I am very excited to announce some upcoming changes to my channel and how you can support me to help me continue doing what I love. I am so very thankful for all the support you have given me. It’s helped me realize so many things about myself and grow into who I am today. I wouldn’t be here sharing this with you if you all didn’t take me to where I am today to be able to sustain myself and my channel. I would have had to do something else to make a living for myself, which could’ve been something I wasn’t passionate about.

However, with that all being said, for the past year or so, I’ve noticed a significant decline in viewership. Being at over 100,000 subscribers, getting less than 1,000 views in 24 hours on some videos is concerning, primarily because I put so much time, effort, and money, into making videos, and when the viewership just doesn’t make up for that, I feel discouraged. While I do understand that not everyone who subscribers will watch every video, I struggle to make videos that appeal to people and get viewers engaged. I am so thankful for the people who genuinely do like my content no matter what, but I think the ratio of subscribers and viewers is misleading to me since 100,000 subscribers can lead to roughly only 1% of them watching my videos, or being notified of me posting a video.

There have been several people who thought I stopped making videos because they didn’t see any updates from me in months. If you follow me on YouTube or Facebook, know that you will not see every video I post because these platforms do not promote every single video as well as any censorship that happens behind the scenes which I’ve personally seen on my pages. With that being said, however, I’m sure you’ve heard that clicking the bell icon next to the subscribe button on YouTube will allow you to be notified whenever I post something. This may help if you are not seeing my content and want to be emailed or receive a notification on your phone and/or computer when I post something. However, there is another solution that I have created.

On my website, AutumnAsphodel.com, I have created a free email newsletter. Link in the description if you would like to sign up. Whenever I post new content on my website, you will be updated. I may even use it to make other announcements and updates that I do not post on YouTube or Facebook. There is another benefit to joining the mailing list, which is that you will get one day early access to my videos, and you can comment on my website and will be among the first to receive a reply from me.

If you would like even earlier access to my videos, then supporting me on Patreon for $5 a month or more will give you access to my content two days before it is public on YouTube. Don’t feel obligated since I know not everyone has money. But, I am truly appreciative of everyone who has supported me since it helps me continue making content and improving upon it. I couldn’t do it without all my supporters, and all my supporters on Patreon. I would love to hire people to edit and make my workflow more efficient, but I cannot do that without money and growing, which I am struggling at growing due to limited income.

Regarding changes to my YouTube channel, there comes a time when things decline and not many are really interested. I think that is where my channel stands presently. While my subscribers are going up, viewership is declining, but I’m also sure you’ve noticed me posting less videos, sometimes even as little as one or two a month. I started YouTube with the sole purpose of learning and growing, as well as educating and helping others. This has been a successful journey for me and I am proud of my accomplishments. If I continue exactly the same, I will get nowhere since less and less people seem to be interested.

If you’ve been following my channel, I’m sure you’ve seen some changes I’ve made just this year. I’ve been doing monthly live streams since January of 2017 and they have been great fun. I’m also done some live discussions with others on my channel. I’ve reached out to several other people, and unfortunately no one seems to want to come on my channel to speak with me. I don’t know the exact reasons why, but with the exception of presently only one other person, I have been unsuccessful at having others on my channel, which I think would be great for me and others to learn from. I will keep trying and if there is anyone you want me to talk with, let me know in the comments and what topic you want us to discuss. Reach out to these people and let them know that you want them and I to make a video together in case I cannot get in contact with them.

I thank you again for all the support you have given me. I will continue doing what I love, even if only a few people really enjoy it because that’s what matters. I also have two other YouTube channels listed in the description. One is Iris Fae, which is guided meditation audio, and the other is Elle Stone which is vlogs. I also want to start a gaming channel very soon which will satisfy that urge I have. So, thanks for watching and listening and I hope to see you for my future works and plans. Have a wonderful day!

Additional Info

There have been many changes I’ve made to my content and style of presentation just in 2017. Even things like the background I have being more colorful (which is actually much harder and time consuming to setup in this room), in addition to the content and doing live streams and even having guests on my channel. I’ve reached out to several others, ranging from transgender individuals, those with mental disorders, even one regarding spirituality and spiritual love / soul mates, and unfortunately no one besides Blaire White has gotten back to me at the time of writing this. I have such great ideas and things to discuss, but the lack of response and cooperation on the other end foils these plans.

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