Our Experience with Being Transgender (featuring Simiana)

My friend Simiana and I discuss our experience being transgender women and transitioning from male to female. Simiana has been transitioning for a few years and has come a long way. I’m happy to call her a friend since we began talking in 2014. Simiana is in a band called the Quagaars.

■ YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmUELJgyRBYTi6DX8SwbKw
■ Bandcamp (Music) – https://thequagaars.bandcamp.com/

1:13 – How long have you been transitioning?
2:23 – What made you realize you were transgender?
3:59 – What has been the hardest thing about transitioning?
5:34 – Where is the first place in public that you could be your real self?
8:46 – Where would you be in your had not transitioned?
10:29 – What are your future transition goals?

► Talking with Simiana – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFEfbVy0vyA

Table of Contents

    While my friend Simiana was in the United States (since she is from Australia), we filmed this video. We originally were planning it via Google Hangouts while she was in Australia, but it ended up not happening due to poor quality reception and other problems. Regardless, her time in the United States was fun for the both of us, and I’m glad we could meet since we’ve been friends for several years.

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