Can you tell the difference between truth and lies? How can you tell? Let’s talk about that now.

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Hi everyone! We are going to be discussing how to tell truth from lies. I have a video dedicated to why people lie and how to deal with them. If you would like to check that out, there will be an annotation and a link in the description. [Why People Lie] We all lie for various reasons, including conditioning, shame, sympathy, and personal gain. But if someone is lying, and we are being fed lies, how can we determine what is factual?

In a world where we have disagreements, everyone is trying to prove they are right. Instead of hearing each other out, we just completely deny the other person of their opinions and views without even looking into their side and beliefs, and understanding why they believe what they believe.

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It’s not possible to change someone’s mind when they have a set belief. But, that doesn’t keep us from trying. However, we often forget that the point of a debate is to have an open discussion and look at both sides. We tend to lack this. We may be so obsessed with defending our own views and positions that we could be completely wrong. We can’t just step back and look at the information presented and say that we were wrong, because it’s hard to admit we were wrong. That is where corruption comes into play so we manipulate information and lie to cover up any trace of evidence that would prove we are wrong.

We see this in all over, especially where money and power are at stake. In the political world we have democrat and republican each saying they are right and report factual information. People following major news organizations and don’t realize the bias and mark it as a universal, nonpartisan truth, when it tends to be further from the truth. We have many news organizations, ‘fake news’ if you will, that commit fraud for clickbait headlines and to portray their own message with made up facts. And yet, time and time again they are proven to be false and misinformation, and further still, they call any other news organization that conflicts with their own reports fake as well.

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You also have medical organizations manipulating data about the safety, effectiveness, and side effects of various medications and treatments, and even natural remedies. These one-sided arguments are often to discredit any studies not done by them and do not endorse their own products. They have everything you need to give you a false sense of health, when all it does is slowly kill you.

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All these things signify a one-sided view of the situation, and everything that questions it is wrong. No further information can be researched, no further science can be discovered, no further discussion on the topic or you’ll be labeled as a fraud or spreading false information. Instead of us all coming together and forming a consensus, we simply put the blame onto someone else, labeling them as false without even looking into their side.

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There are countless other things that we are told that are one-sided. When we are fed our entire lives one side, we learn to not look at the other sides since we view them as false to begin with. Due to our bias, we tend to dismiss any views that disagree with our own. But, can we really call our beliefs our own if we’ve been fed lies from the news media, medical science, and other organizations that portray a one-sided argument and deny opposing views? Of course not. Especially when they try everything to protect themselves, their brand, research, and even go so far as to manipulate and skew data and information to confirm the information they present to the public.

We are brainwashed into believing these things without looking at all the information from other sources, including the opposing party’s sources and information and independent sources and information. We become dependent on these sources to provide accurate information, and side with them, which makes it appear like we have no actual opinion of our own and recite, sometimes word for word, exactly what we hear and learn about. It takes a very long time to gather all the possible information from all the varying sources. We need various articles, books, studies, and even other people’s testimonials and personal experience to form a proper conclusion. But, almost all of us don’t wish to go through the hassle of doing all that since it’s a lot of work and we simply don’t have the time. So, we just agree with the ideas we formed first and they become concrete.

So, how then can you tell the truth from lies in these situations? You simply can’t. Fact checking won’t always give you the correct answers. Research and studying won’t always give you the correct answers. But if you really wish to get to the facts, the best thing you can do is form your own opinions within your own mind and temporarily put aside the information being fed to you in biased news media and science. The best answers come from within. For instance, if you are watching the news and they are talking about a controversial topic, let’s say politics for example. Many people blindly trust what they hear without question. Recognize how unhealthy that is first of all, and then take a step back, quiet your mind, and see where you actually stand on the situation. How do you feel about the information that is presented to you? Are there pieces of the story that are missing? What is being left out? What if it’s not true at all? Where does this news organization stand in regard to the situation? What bias do the people have including the reporters, writers, supervisors, and the people who presented the information to the organization in the first place? These are all questions to consider. After this, look up some stories that disagree with the statement and ask the same questions and look at their sources, and do the same.

Whatever side you end up agreeing with, or none or maybe even both, realize that you may never know the actual truth because we are all humans and make mistakes, including news media, science, and so on. Whatever you feel is right, is right for you and not right for others. With our views, however, we may go so far as to blocking out all opposing sides. If we choose to do this, all we are doing is showing how immature we are since we cannot have a debate or refuse to have a debate with someone we deem as just plain wrong, often viewing the individual as having the belief we don’t agree with as inferior to us.

So the conclusion here is that we may never know what the truth or the lies are, especially where money and power are at stake, such as in politics, medical science, and so on. What we can do, however, is educate ourselves as best we can on both sides, look at independent information that doesn’t have an affiliation to either side of the argument, and furthermore, make our own opinion versus being so gullible to the point that we believe anything that is told to us.

If you have any other input on this topic, I would love to hear it so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you agree or disagree with, and/or how this has helped you or someone close to you. I hope this information was informative and helpful to you. Have a wonderful day!

Additional Info

This video was suggested to me when I asked on Facebook about video ideas. While this topic is an important one, it’s impossible to tell the truth from lies in various circumstances. The reason is because we may never know someone’s true motives. Regardless, it was a good topic to cover.

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