Are you transgender? How do you know if you are transgender? Let’s talk about that now.

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Hi everyone! We are going to be discussing how to tell if you are transgender. As a disclaimer, please be aware that I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose you. Furthermore, don’t use this information to diagnose yourself. This information is presented to individuals that are legally old enough to decide on their own if they are transgender. I cannot be held liable if you are young and you get information out of this video that wasn’t appropriately presented to you. If you feel you are transgender, or different from what you were born as, the best advice I could give before we even begin this is to gather your thoughts and truly figure out what you want. Only you can decide that. While information online can help you get some answer, you cannot rely on it to define you. Only you can define who you are. With some thorough thinking and time, even if you are young and not of legal age to make your own decisions, transgender issues can naturally resolve themselves without any intervention.

Transgender is a term used to describe individuals that identify as something other than their birth sex. For instance, I was born male but identify as female and transitioned to live my life as a woman. Not every trans person will transition and there are varying levels of dysphoria they feel.

Gender dysphoria, also known as gender identity disorder, is the key sign to tell if you are transgender. Gender dysphoria is when someone feels uncomfortable with the sex they were born as and identifies as a different gender. If you do not experience gender dysphoria, then it is unlikely that you are transgender. The reason for this being because this is the main trait that defines transgender people. It could be minor or severe. Something that defines you as male or woman, your body, your social interactions, whatever you feel uncomfortable with as it pertains to your gender. I have a video dedicated to the realism of gender dysphoria, so I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description if you would like to check that one out. [Gender Dysphoria]

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Some people like to compare being transgender to that of body dysmorphic disorder, which is a mental disorder where an individual obsesses over flaws with their physical body. If we look at gender dysphoria, it indeed is very similar but is specific to that of someone’s birth sex not matching the gender they identify as. Maybe it’s your breasts or lack of breasts, genitals, deep or non-deep voice, facial or lack of facial hair, and so on. The things that define male and female on a biological level and the changes that ensue during puberty. Men having the penis, and other skeletal changes, while women having breasts and vagina, and other skeletal changes all during puberty. So in order for a trans person to combat this, they will transition to relieve that dysphoria. That is why gender dysphoria is the number one trait.

Someone’s dysphoria can vary from not so much to extreme and life threatening. And transitioning may be the only way to alleviate that. Some trans people may not transition at all, while others go through hormones and surgery. There is no such thing as being ‘trans enough’ or ‘not trans enough’ to be considered transgender. As long as you experience dysphoria related to the characteristics that define you as the sex you were born as and you don’t identify with that, then you are transgender.

But how do you know you experience dysphoria? Perhaps you are unhappy with something as it directly pertains to the sex you were born as and the puberty you went through. If you were born male and went through male puberty, yet don’t like or associate with male things, and like more female things, as what you determine as female in relation to your society. Maybe you like women’s clothing, makeup, or other characteristics that you feel make females female. Maybe if you were born female and went through female puberty, and dislike your breasts and desire to have more of a male chest. Whatever you feel you fall on this gender spectrum of male and female. The only way you’ll know is if you actually try it and experiment.

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For trans people who have transitioned to the opposite sex they were born as, it’s not uncommon to for them to experiment prior. Maybe they experiment with clothing and seeing what that feels like, makeup, tucking, binding, whatever else, before they go through with transitioning. You don’t need to transition to be transgender, but trans people usually always change in some way in how they present themselves to the world. Changing even minor things that they feel is necessary for them to alleviate the dysphoria.

How would this differ from being gay? Let’s say a gay man doesn’t like the typical male things and perhaps dresses in women’s clothing. Just because they may portray a part of themselves as feminine, doesn’t mean they have dysphoria related to their gender. A gay man will identify as male despite what his interests are. He doesn’t feel it necessary for people to call him a ‘her’ or be perceived as a woman by society. Rather, he may just like some women’s things. That is the biggest difference since if this person was transgender, they would identify as something other than a man and want to be perceived differently than a man from others.

What makes someone transgender? Some theorize it has to do with hormone changes in the womb prior to birth, perhaps even related to the mother’s diet during pregnancy, as well as other physiological changes that occur before a baby is developed with male and female genitals and brain development. Others theorize that it’s a mental disorder, usually a dissociative one, caused by trauma and abuse, neglect and abandonment of a mother or father figure, and so on. Some even believe it’s due to environmental factors prior to puberty, such as toxins in the food, water, air, hormone imbalance, or the child being exposed to transgender topics before they really understand it, often through Internet research and their parents not explaining it to them. What if I told you that all of these theories can and do play an impact on the development of transgender feelings. Everyone feels transgender for different reasons. For some trans people, they realize it as a mental disorder, and realize it is due to their past they have developed these feelings. Others have never experienced this sort of trauma and perhaps it was caused by something else. There are many potential reasons and there is no one size fits all, everyone is different.

Not everyone who is transgender is transsexual, in that they identify as the opposite sex they were born as. There are other genders that people chose to identify as that deviate from the typical male and female. However, when you study this, it’s often not different genders, but rather variations of male and female. You can identify as entirely on the male end or entirely on the female end, be born on one end and identify on the opposite end, or even fluctuate between these two ends, male and female, and so on. But to deny the human experience, and the male and female sex that exists on this planet, indicates that there could be a deeper rooted problem.

We all have male and female aspects of ourselves that exists within us. We are male and female on this planet because that is how we, as mammals, reproduce. We forget this very basic concept, that we are animals that reside on this Earth with all other living creatures. We have evolved over time to be the intelligent creatures we are today, but so intelligent as to deny how we got here in the first place, our roots, which is male and female. If you believe we have a spirit as part of a source consciousness, it is often genderless and sexless since male and female are simply here on this Earth as a means to procreate and continue the evolution of the species. Without male and female, and the ability to reproduce with penis and vagina, sperm and egg, then our species will die out.

The last thing I wanted to mention was that from comments people have left on my videos, there are a few terms floating around that I wanted to mention. One being ‘transtrender.’ This term is supposedly used to describe people who identify as transgender because of a trend and attention, and will often experience no dysphoria. And another term ‘truscum’ used to define transgender people who think gender dysphoria is necessary for being transgender. I personally have been accused of the latter. These two words are made up and simply don’t exist. I don’t know where they came from, who made them up, and I don’t personally care for them. I find them to be irrelevant in every context as they don’t apply in any context. Someone can identify as whatever they like, but the term transgender cannot be changed to suit the needs of these so called ‘transtrender’ individuals.

From my observation, it appears that those that have been labeled as ‘transtrender’ individuals are those that often use the term ‘truscum’ to essentially shame trans people who feel dysphoria and for the judgment they receive for not experiencing dysphoria and not fitting in, usually desperately trying to fit in by calling themselves transgender when they actually aren’t. You cannot be depressed without feelings of chronic sadness, nor can you have post-traumatic stress disorder without experiencing past trauma, and so on. So, the label of transgender is defined as gender dysphoria. Even minor dysphoria can still classify, but to experience none whatsoever simple means that you are not transgender.

I am all about getting to the root of the issues, addressing them, and overcoming them. For some transgender individuals, the feeling of wanting to be the opposite sex is purely to dissociate and distance themselves from their birth sex, perhaps due to trauma and/or hatred of themselves. These individuals may be transgender due to a psychological condition, as opposed to a physiological condition. Regardless, these feelings are very real and even addressing the past traumas and coping with any form of dissociation may not be enough for some and transitioning in some way may be necessary to relieve the dysphoria associated with this condition.

So the conclusion here is that being transgender is not one size fits all. There are variations and people experience varying levels of gender dysphoria. Whatever you feel you are, try it out and see how you actually like it. Only you can define yourself and how you feel you are.

If you have any other input on this topic, I would love to hear it so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you agree or disagree with, and/or how this has helped you or someone close to you. I hope this information was informative and helpful to you. Have a wonderful day!

Additional Info

I’ve had many requests over the years to make a video about this topic. However, there have been a lot of things that have changed with me and the LGBT community since when I started my transition. So much that I also wanted to make things clear in this video about how gender dysphoria relates to being transgender and how this is one of the most important aspects. With new videos arising on YouTube of trans people who claim to have no dysphoria, I simply didn’t understand it, nor personally agree with it. Regardless, we are all transgender for different reasons, but dysphoria is what causes the trans individual the most problems.

Also regarding the video, I decided to change locations and record in my bedroom. While it is inconvenient, it looks really nice. However, I would to be able to have a green screen and change the background to an animation I create. But, that time is not now. Additionally, I noticed before uploading this video that an update to my Internet browser (Google Chrome) made all the colors on YouTube videos appear washed out. Every single video looked faded and the gamma was off. I checked in other browsers and devices, and realized it was the same with all of them except Firefox. I even reinstalled an older version of Chrome and sure enough, the videos darker. I was busy for two whole days trying to figure out why, and apparently it has to do with color space (601/709 & Partial/Full) and how it’s processed on the graphics card since when I turn off hardware acceleration on Chrome, videos are back to their dark, more vibrant color. But, it didn’t explain why on my phone and other computer that it was still dull. So, I decided to bump up the saturation and darken the video a bit to compensate and I think it is well needed. It was so frustrating though trying to figure out this perplexing thing!

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April 28, 2019 6:14 PM

I love your video I’m an older man and yes I do have the feelings that I’d like to be a woman I have worn woman’s clothing before I always felt I wanted to be a woman I have even I’ve been married twice but I always feel had a feeling that I want to be a woman and I am just hormones I do have small breasts I do wear women’s clothing sometimes and I also had sex with men a couple times as a female I’m 67 right now and I still feel that I’m wanting to be… Read more »

michael monnich
michael monnich
October 2, 2020 7:24 AM

i am only 14 but i have had these feelings since i was like 6 idk why but thank you for this blog its very helpful and i have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a doctor