Do you fear death and dying? Why is that? And how does the human consciousness and ego hold us back from expressing our true selves? Let’s talk about that now.

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Hi everyone! We are going to be discussing the fear of death and the human ego. How many of us have a fear of death? I’m sure many of us do. We all die. Death comes for us all at one point or another. When and how we die, however, is not defined. Death of the physical body, and anything in this physical existence, is inevitable. Our physical body ceases to exist due to cell death at an old age, health related concerns such as cancer, organ failure, heart related problems, even death from our own actions, not just suicide, but also consequences we pay due to ingesting toxins into our body, making poor choices, risk taking, and even living in a low vibrational state, often as a result of low self-worth and image.

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Life and death are things that affect every single one of us, and are all things we think about. We ponder the meaning of life, why we are here on this Earth, in this universe, and what our purpose is. Religion tends to be an answer for some people to determine the kind of life we should live and what happens when we die. A popular example is heaven and hell. If we live our lives committing sins, and we do not repent and ask for forgiveness, we will go to hell. This can be rules people live by. But in the end, we are human beings, and we not only make mistakes, but we are selfish, manipulative, and do all sorts of things that we know we shouldn’t do.

Life and death

Why do we fear death? We only fear death because it would be a total loss of our ego. Everything we know in this world being all but an illusion and a reflection of our consciousness, or ego. With this world we make for ourselves, the death of it appears scary. Change and the unknown is scary since when our physical body dies, we are no longer able to consciously, in this physical form, analyze what is happening. When our body dies, we lose all control and function of this physical form. There are a number of reasons we may fear death besides just the unknown, we may fear death because we will leave behind loved ones who will be saddened to see us go. Another being that we were not able to fully make the most out of our lives here. And furthermore, the fear of getting old and having health concerns, changes in our appearance and lack of confidence caused by our changing body as we feel unattractive.

Substance Abuse

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, “Life is short.” Life is short, and depending on what we do with our lives, we can make it even shorter, or even extend it. While many of us may have had fun when we are younger, as we age, we realize more important things in life, and we may even regret our youth where we experimented with things that perhaps caused us chronic health conditions or have shortened our lives. Whatever the case, total acceptance of our life we have made for ourselves will allow us to prosper, despite any physical, mental, or other health problem that has surfaced from our own actions in the past, as well as getting older. While it is important to take care of this physical body, we must also realize that it’s not possible to keep it alive forever. It doesn’t matter how much healthy foods and supplements we put into our bodies, at the proper ratio, and avoid things such as drugs and alcohol, synthetic chemicals and medications, toxins, and so on, as well as employ proper exercises and do all the right things by our body, it’s impossible to keep this body alive forever. Even with all these things, we may not live a long life. Someone who routinely does drugs, takes addicting medications, and even eats unhealthy foods and doesn’t exercise could outlive someone who is the total opposite with their diet and lifestyle.

Vision of walk into the light

So what happens when we die? I’m sure we’ve all heard that when we die that we head towards the light. When we head towards this light, and go past a specific threshold, our spirit essentially leaves our body in which we cannot reenter it. Our physical body and brain shut down and cease to exist. However, similar stories are told by people who have had near death experiences, and even out-of-body experiences. Death of the physical body is less of a physical experience as it is the release of our consciousness to source energy, which is a method of transmitting the information we have gathered in our physical form to this collective source. These experiences we have here help this unified energy gain a better understand of this physical world. But, transmitting this data along the way of our journey can be key to a living in a more harmonious way. Through specific forms of spiritual practices and awakenings, opening a channel to receive this source energy and information, as well as to transmit your own experiences, we can be more connected with this non-physical aspect of ourselves.

Young girl is waking up again. When the soul leaves the body

The ego is a sense of self, our consciousness, what makes us who we are in this physical world. The ego and human consciousness is a way for the source energy that resides within us, our source of existence, to experience an alternate perspective. An alternate perspective of different ways of thinking, different upbringings, different nationalities, different religions, different disabilities, including physical and mental, different experiences in life, all while being in a physical, tangible body. This body we reside in, we can do as we please with. However, with a physical body comes responsibilities to maintain the health of this vessel we reside in.

The ego, or the human brain and consciousness are a form of entrapment to keep us in this physical dimension. We may become bound in this physical existence due to our ego, and satisfying our ego and physical body. These things include physical desires, addictions, and anything that is of this physical world that distracts us long enough from our purpose here. But, since we are in this physical world, we must also understand this world that we live in and how it operates. We are here to experience both the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves and the world.

Let’s use an example, our ego may put others done, but all we are essentially doing is putting the other person’s ego down, which in turn could boost ours. The other person’s ego can do as they please with the threat, but it’s just an ego reaction. This all creates a false sense of self. The ego, in the sense of the human consciousness, is a barrier that binds us in this physical world. We feed the ego with physical pleasures, words of encouragement to get our hopes up, and so on. This feeding of the ego can lead to one having an inflated ego, a view of oneself being superior to other egos. This trick we play on our ego is nothing more than an illusion of the mind. While we can learn to reason with our ego to a degree, it’s part of us in this physical form and we cannot get rid of it. We can only be ourselves and not change the fundamentals of who we are. Our brain and consciousness reside here to experience the perspective we have set for ourselves since the beginning. We make our reality.

So in conclusion, many of us have a fear of death due to the unknown and the death of our physical existence. It is our ego, our consciousness, that tends to fear death. But, death comes to all of us and the only thing we can do is live our lives in a state of non-resistance, making the most of each moment that we reside here, and embracing death when it comes. I hope this information was informative and helpful to you. Have a wonderful day!

Additional Info

This was an important topic to cover as we all experience death. We all die and worry about dying. The unknown can scare us. I was scared of death for the longest time, I think mostly because I feared not living my life to the maximum. But, while death can still be an intimidating thought, if I were to die, I would be proud of my accomplishments.

Also, I wrote the script, recorded, and edited this video all in one day! I was so into the topic and everything flowed out in a way that was completely natural. Additionally, I am trying something new with the thumbnails. I’m not sure, depending on the topic, what image I could find to represent it, but I thought it was a bit more interesting.

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William Goddard
William Goddard

I do not fear death. Just not in too much hurry to do it. Had a great time over Thanksgiving. Susanna and the kids are coming here over Christmas and New Years. Check your email right before Christmas. I am sending you a Christmas card. Taking a break from Skype till after New Years. LuvYa. Have a fine Christmas and New Years. ♥

Patrick Ward
Patrick Ward

You put all your eggs in one basket

Patrick Ward
Patrick Ward

Go out into the world, get away from your comfort zone you are your own worst enemy. Overcome your fears.

Torvell Overton
Torvell Overton

Hmm interesting. Am I right to say most of your videos are kinda like diary entries or snapshots?

Joshua Werner
Joshua Werner

One of your best topics ever to showcase of your videos awesome!