Hi everyone! I wanted to make an announcement about my new YouTube channels. I will have links in the description and annotations for those of you who aren’t aware, or don’t follow me on Facebook. I have two other YouTube channels with different forms of content. Both of these have become active just in 2016 and there will me more content coming.

The first channel to talk about is Elle Stone. This channel uses my real name, and is dedicated to my personal life. I make videos about my day and what goes on in my life on a personal basis that I may not necessarily share on the Autumn Asphodel YouTube channel.

[So I just got done recording an Autumn Asphodel video and I’m just…I’m always like burning up and sweating afterwards, especially on a hot day like today.]

Everything is done on my phone. I record, edit, publish, and even edit the thumbnail all on my phone. All the videos are unscripted, and recorded whenever I feel like it. Due to the nature of the channel, you will see me in ways that you simply don’t get on this one where everything is scripted, prepared, and well thought out. A lot of work and money goes into the Autumn Asphodel videos.

And secondly, the other channel I have is Iris Fae. This one is dedicated to guided meditations, hypnosis, and ASMR. This channel is focused on relaxation and improving your quality of life, from the inside, mentally. You’ll learn how to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression, and let go of things that you do not need to hold onto anymore.

[This going to be a guided meditation to focus on the breath and let go of intrusive thoughts, stress, and anxiety.]

This was something that helped me greatly during my life dealing with a variety of issues, so I wanted to help others with my content and voice. The work that goes into these recordings and videos is even more than that of the Autumn Asphodel channel. A lot of time and effort goes into it. Recording is a chore at times as the conditions have to be just right, and I need to be relaxed and focused. Secondly, editing the recording is also a nuisance. And finally, the animated visuals on the video are all done by me. My computer is not capable of handling that type of content, in 4K resolution, easily. So, it takes a long time to do. I never knew how to do any of the visual effects before, but due to experimenting, I’ve created the effects you see in those videos and it’s quite amazing. I’ll be dedicating more time to this content in the near future, so be prepared for additional recordings. Also, by the end of 2016, I will be selling my recordings. I have no idea how many people would be interested in purchasing them, but it’s worth a shot since any additional income I can get would be greatly appreciated. But, purchasing the recording will also allow you to download the file in the highest quality possible. We’re talking 48kHz and 24-bit. I can’t do 96kHz, and that would probably be a waste of time anyway. But, I’m also working with someone who will create some background music and sounds for the meditations which will only enhance the experience. Both of which can be purchased. When I do sell it, I want the cost to be based on the duration of the recording. I don’t want a recording that is 10 minutes to cost the same as something that is 30 minutes. So, I’m still trying to work out all the details.

If there are any suggestions with any of what I just talked about, leave me a comment on this video, or on the Elle or Iris YouTube channels. Any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated since I am just one person and cannot possibly do all this myself, or without all of you. Thank you all for supporting me, and thank you for 100,000 subscribers. I will talk about that in a video to come. Thank you for watching, and I’m wishing you all well!

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