Hello everyone! This is an update about my health. If you would like to see part one when I was having a lot of problems, I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description so you can check it out. [My Health (part 1)] As you can see, I’m back and am doing better than ever. Thank you all very much for not only all the support and love during this time, but also the suggestions you’ve given me. I’ve listened to a lot of you and I’ll talk about what was helpful for me. At the present moment, I am still waiting to see a doctor. Yes, the quickest I could get into a physician was one and a half months, and I already had my appointment scheduled when I made the first health update video. Goodness, that’s just ridiculous. I still have chronic pain, which I doubt will ever go away due to my curved spine, and potential autoimmune disorder. But, it’s better now than it was. There are days when I wake up and I can tell it’s going to be a bad day with my pain, and then there are others that I wake up and I’m feeling wonderful. The pain at times can still be quite debilitating and limits my ability to work and live to my full potential. And while I still am not fond of being on the computer too much, I’m much more aware when my body needs a break. That’s the positive that has come of this. I’m much more physically active and pay attention to my body.

I am feeling so much better. The brain fog has lifted. I can finally, after what feels like so long, think straight, clearly, and have those creative, insightful ideas. When I would close my eyes I was so fatigued and tired that I could practically fall asleep almost immediately. Now, I can visualize and see more vibrant imagery when I close my eyes. My motivation is back, and my true goals in life, my reason for existing in this world, is here with me again. I felt it was taken from me since I became someone else. I’ve learned from that person I became and am doing much better. I still have some fatigue, some breathing difficulties from time to time, but it’s much less problematic and my energy and desire to drive towards my goals in life are back, and I will protect them to make sure they are not taken from me again.

The testosterone I’ve been taking has been helping since I feel it gives me more energy, better workouts, as well as an increased sex drive. Finally! It has given me an easier ability to stay with my workouts. I feel I’m actually making some progress now. Additionally, I don’t feel as tired and out of breath when working out. For the breathing problems, someone mentioned acid reflux, which I don’t know since I’ve never felt I’ve had that. But due to their suggestion, when I feel it, doing some jumping and moving around helps, as does my exercises I mentioned in my other health video, as does the vaporizer. When I made the first health video, I hadn’t received it yet, but made a note in the video that I did in fact receive the unit and herbs and it helped. Well, it helped significantly. I felt an effect just after the first use. I didn’t even need to do it the following day. Essentially the vaporizer is like an electronic cigarette. You put the herbs into the compartment, wait for it to heat up, which is usually just a few seconds, then put it up to your mouth, breathe in the vapor, and then release it. That was very strange for me doing it the first time since I have never even done any kind of smoking before, so I had no experience with any of that sort of thing. Amazing how it’s helped.

Back on my other video, some people were suggesting thyroid problems. I see an endocrinologist and my body is functioning just fine, just the way it should be. There was a point, years ago, that my thyroid was slightly underactive. But, it’s been fine since I started eating healthier and exercising. It was concerning for me that nothing came back in the test results since I thought something would come back and give me an explanation for my problems. The blood work was done back in May, so two months ago from the time of making this video. Nothing out of the ordinary turned up. Even my testosterone levels, prior to me taking testosterone cream, was in good range. Many people mentioned low vitamin levels, such as D and B12, and I take both of those and blood work shows they are fine. Others mentioned other deficiencies and lack of nutrients. I don’t know, and it didn’t make sense to me. I make sure I eat a balanced diet. I track my foods on my phone and it tells me the nutrients, calories, protein, carbs, all that stuff. I get plenty of fats, carbs, and protein is pretty good too, but certainly the most difficult of the three. From the look of it, I wasn’t heavily lacking anything.

Many people mentioned low iron levels, and anemia. I do have symptoms of that, but wasn’t really sure since, as I said, I monitor my food intake and I was getting my daily requirement, or close to it, each and every day. But when I was researching, I discovered that iron may not fully absorb into the body if other elements, such as calcium, are taken at the time of the iron. That was probably the only way I wasn’t getting enough. So, I decided to take a multivitamin that includes iron, which comes from real fruits, vegetables, and plants and herbs. However, I wasn’t sure if it did much since I don’t think I had low iron. From my research and knowledge, low iron, and anemia, causes a low red blood cell count. I had blood work in May when the issues were quite bad and my red blood cell count and hemoglobin levels were just where they needed to be and haven’t really changed much since my 2012 blood work results. However, and this was something the endocrinologist never mentioned, but in my May blood work, my white blood cell count was low, as was my neutrophil, a type of white blood cell. I compared this to my 2012 lab work and it too was low. It’s not severely low, but it recommends 3.4 minimum for white blood cell count, and mine was 3.1, and the neutrophil at 1.4 recommended, while mine was at 1.1. But, because it was low even back in 2012, that may indicate some sort of autoimmune disorder. I do not know yet.

Next, someone mentioned two things which also have helped, probiotics and vinegar. I’ve been taking probiotics daily, and on some days will do a vinegar drink, such as adding vinegar to pure cranberry juice, which is very acidic as it is. The first few days of implementing these I did have some digestive problems. My stomach was hurting and my appetite was lessening. But, I think it has helped. While my appetite is not fully back to where it was before all this, it’s certainly much better and I try my best to eat, but some days it can be difficult due to low appetite.

Also around this time I started to consume activated charcoal. That was a big change for me. I use it for various cosmetic purposes, but have never ingested it. Well, I put a teaspoon or so into a drink and drank it, and made sure I got plenty of water during the day since it can be dehydrating. After the first time, I felt amazing. I thought maybe I had some parasite or worm or something, and it cleared it out. I was literally feeling good for about a week or so after consuming it, just one time. I felt like I was back on track, and while doing the other things I just mentioned. Well, after that week, I started to feel bad again. Even after consuming it again the following weeks, even a few days in a row, I didn’t really notice a huge difference, but I try to consume it now at least once a week. There were days that I felt amazing, and then others that I felt awful. It would come in cycles of maybe two to four days. But, it was unpredictable as well since I could wake up one morning and feel great, then wake up another day and feel awful. The days I felt awful I had pain and stiffness from the moment I woke up, I was hypersensitive to things, even just the shower water beating down on me was uncomfortable, in addition to feeling so tired that I would literally sleep all day on and off. I had no life and felt miserable.

I didn’t know what the problem was. It seemed so strange to me that no matter what I tried, or thought was the problem, and trying to figure out a solution to that problem, things either improved for a limited time, did not improve at all, or got worse. What was the problem with me? Well, I found an answer to my lack of desire in life, my motivation, and even some of my health related problems that has worked for more than a week, and profoundly stronger than any of the other methods I previously mentioned. It’s not so much what was physically wrong, but was something I didn’t give a thought initially, but makes perfect sense now. To put it simply, someone or something was leeching off my energy and making me feel drained, tired, depressed, and causing the physical health problems I had due to, quite literally, taking my life away from me, even to the point of the breathing problems. The idea was in the back of my mind for some time, and I had an inclination that my energy was being drained from me, but didn’t really think anything of it. And over time, I started to become aware of it, and tried to clear this negative energy from me and it worked, for a short time. Well, it came into my aware that someone, or rather multiple individuals, that I’ve had communication with in the past, or are still in my life, that may have been draining my energy. Even family and friends, past and present, could play an impact in this. But, there was one individual in particular that gave me this weird feeling that I cannot explain and just from looking this person in the eyes I realized what was going on. I knew immediately what they were doing to me. This individual was, for quite a while at that point, been right there with me making me believe one thing to cover up what was really going on, the constant energy drain of my physical and spiritual self.

I decided to look into psychic vampires and psychic attacks and the information I found explained everything. The sudden pains and health concerns that seemed to have come out of nowhere, the depleted energy and always feeling tired, despite a restful sleep, the vision of maliciousness and malevolence when I saw this individual, even just in my mind, the inability to mentally focus and loss of desire in life and with my desires and life goal, which was helping people and learning, making me question my direction in life, looking for a new path, and even the things in my physical world that I saw that made the memory of this individual come to surface. I had so many things I saw, such as dates and times, physical objects and related items, all of which was a sign that this person was still there, their presence was still there. It wasn’t so much that I saw these things, but because there was energy related to these things, a connection that existed. It all made sense from that moment forward. This individual was taking all this from me. This just seemed bizarre to me since I felt as though I had quite a good, protective barrier up. But, when you let that barrier down for someone you trust, then they get into your personal energy, since you allow it. Even something like sympathizing with someone you may not even know could bring their negative energy into your energy field. Parts of them and parts of you become one another and that is what happened and how it came to be with me.

Finding this information was eye opening to me, but it all added up. I knew for absolute certainty that this person was the biggest drain to my overall health at the time I started having these health issues. It was such a big revelation to me and I said that moment, “I will not allow this or allow you to continue on taking my energy, thoughts, goals in life, and keeping them all to yourself. I will put a stop to this and will reclaim my life and everything you’ve taken from me.” And that’s exactly what I did and when things started to change for me. I needed to perform a cleansing ritual to stop this psychic attack on me, this constant spiritual link I could see connecting my soul to theirs. I knew a way of cleansing was to use a white sage smudge stick. I have never done this before, and didn’t own one, so I looked online and purchased a kit, that I planned on using regularly to keep these things from happening in the future.

Before I received the item in the mail though, only two days after I discovered what this person was doing, I got undoubtable evidence that they were aware that I figured out their motive and was about to take measures to stop their attack on me. I could sense that they heard me and my voice telling them that this was the end of all this. Of course they are going to hear it if that line remains open. I was like, “Nope, not going to work. I can see right through this. I will not allow you anymore involvement with my life.” From that realization I started to feel better. Whenever there was a memory, I mentally protected myself. When I received the sage, basically what I did was I used the smudge stick, I burnt it, and it should be smoldering. Then I used a feather and first cleansed myself of all negativity, then went around my home and rooms fanning the smoke into each area and corner while reciting words to clear out negativity, watching it leave through the windows. I could feel the energy mostly in my office room as this is where I have resided for many years. I could feel how negative the room was from all that has happened in this room in the past, and when I was growing up. I banished all that negativity that resided there. I did all this while playing tones and sounds in the background to relax me and clear out negativity. I even lit sandalwood incense which was also to help banish negativity and attract positive energy. The kit also came with some oil and sea salt to be placed in windows and doors to keep the negative energy out. In all, it was a profound experience.

When I was done, that was it. The negativity and person no longer had control over me and I immediately felt better and no longer had those problems. You would not believe how huge, huge of a difference it made. I felt like a heavy cloud was lifted and that I was able to be me again, like I wasn’t being controlled by some third-party. Not only did I feel good that night, the days following I made a huge improvement. The morning after the cleansing ritual, I woke up early, feeling well rested and got more things done than I had in days. The day after that was even better. And almost every day since has been wonderful. I was back, I was finally back and it felt so amazing, like I reconnected with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in so many years. I was finally there again and had so much motivation, thoughts and ideas going through my mind since the brain fog immediately vanished, and I wanted to care for myself. It was all back and better than I had been for a long time. Confidence even excelled after this since I started doing things I wasn’t comfortable with prior, and not feeling nervous or anxious at any of it. It was such a remarkable feeling and ever since, I’m here, I’m back, this is me.

So, that’s how I managed to overcome this major obstacle in my life. It was a combination of multiple things that have helped, and the cleansing ritual was one of the most profound experiences I have had in terms of healing. I will continue to protect myself and my energies to prevent this from happening or at least rid the negativity before it has such a profound negative impact on me. While I still have pain due to my spinal problems, and possible fibromyalgia or autoimmune disorder, this will be something that I need to learn to deal with for the rest of my life. There are plenty of things that can help, which I know a few, and I believe in only plant-based and natural remedies, but there probably is no long-term cure for such problems. But, I’ll get through it.

Thank you so very much for listening about my health. If there is anymore news, I will be sure to make an update in time. I tend to update Facebook about information like this prior to YouTube videos, so check that out if you wish. I am not keeping a constant video schedule and don’t know how often I will be doing videos. Do not expect one each week though. And finally, thank you as always for supporting me through not only all of these recent events in my life, but just throughout my entire life. I appreciate all the kind words, all the suggestions, all the advice, and anything else since every little bit helps. I am very close to 100,000 subscribers and am in disbelief. I will have a video about this, thanking you all, in the weeks to come. It may take a little bit, but you will see it soon enough. Thanks again, and for watching. See you all soon!

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