Hi! My name is… [scratches] Slim Shady. I’m joking of course. I wanted to share a bit about my name, my real name. I’m sure many of you are aware that my real name is not Autumn. But, what is my real name? Well, I’m not going to give you what my male name was. But, for my legal female name, it’s [beep]. There, I finally said it. Whew…what a relief.

Ok, no, a serious note, my real name is Elle. Spelled E-L-L-E. But don’t you dare call me that. I legally changed my name in 2012. After several months of considering other names, I decided upon Elle. The other names I was considering at the time I believe were Alyssa, Claire, Irene, and probably a few others. I first heard the name Elle from a song actually. A song called ‘Elle Theme’ from a Silent Hill game. I really liked the look of the name. It was short, simple, and could even be reversed and spell out the same name. At the time, I thought it was pronounced ‘Ellie.’ And, people sometimes call me this now when I’m out. But, when I realized it was actually ‘Elle,’ then I liked it a lot more. When my sister found out about what my name was going to be, her response was, “From Death Note? Yeah that fits.” For those of you who are not aware, Death Note is an anime and there is a character from the show named ‘L.’ Quite literally the letter ‘L.’ He’s a very strange character so it certainly fits me.

As for how I came to the name Autumn, as well as my other name, Iris, and whatever other name you wish to call me since I’ve gone by many. Well, I was looking for darker sounding names. Out of all the ones I found, I liked Autumn the most. For the name Iris, I was looking for light sounding names and I really liked that one.

So, now you know my real name. Don’t you dare call me this or I will find you, and the unspeakable will happen. Anyway, thanks for watching!

April fools’! I tricked ya’ll. My real name is Autumn of course.

Nope, my real name is Iris.

Well, you’ll never know whether or not this video was a joke or completely serious. I’ll let you determine that. But, thank you for watching this very special video on April Fools’ day. It is completely serious.

Additional Info

I finally decided to reveal my real name. But, I did it on April Fools’ Day since that was the best time. I wonder how many people believe me and how many don’t. Regardless, my real name is finally out there.

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April 28, 2019 6:24 PM

love this…he he…you are a spirit of awesomeness whatever you name is