Hi everyone! I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite foods and what I like to eat and cook. This is a follow up video about my diet so I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description if you would like to learn how I became a vegetarian. [My Diet] My diet in that previous video from July of 2014 was actually pescetarian, in that I was a vegetarian that ate fish. Vegetarians do not eat meat, but pescetarian is a specific term when a vegetarian does not eat any other meat besides fish. However, I no longer eat fish and am strictly vegetarian. I am not vegan and have no desire to become one anytime soon. I did start to notice some health problems when becoming a vegetarian so I know that with a vegan diet it would be even harder for me to maintain a healthy diet. A vegan diet can heavily lack certain vitamins, specifically fat soluble vitamins, which is why many vegans at one point may deal with vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin D and especially B vitamins. This can cause a lower bone density, such as osteoporosis, as well as neurological damage to the nervous system and brain. So, having a vegan diet has to be done a certain way to prevent these things since they can cause serious, long-term damage if not done correctly.

Anyway, before I begin I would also like to say that I never really ate much sweet candies or chocolates before. And then all of a sudden it was all I wanted to eat and I would just buy cookies and sweet things at the grocery store. While it was organic and all natural, it was a lot of sugar. I determined it was due to a lack of vitamins in my diet, specifically vitamin D and B vitamins. Some of the B vitamins can mostly be obtained from meat, so if you go vegetarian or vegan, be sure to get enough vitamin D and B vitamins since I have been losing that desire to eat all that sugar which was bad for my teeth and body. The dietary supplements I personally take are vitamin D3, vitamin K-complex, as well as a vitamin B-complex. These are ones I personally take and it works for me. If you suspect any kind of deficiency, please get in touch with your doctor since I cannot give you any suggestions of what you should take, or what you shouldn’t take, or if you are deficient.

Anyway, so those are the supplements that help me, however the types of food I like vary greatly. I love Indian, Asian, Mexican, Italian, and Greek foods. I love to cook and make things. For breakfast each morning I make a protein shake. It consists of milk, currently I am using flaxmilk but I switch milks all the time. I was using organic, grass-fed cow’s milk. This certainly is the premium milk that may cost a bit more, but doesn’t have any added hormones or other crap. Plus, the cows eat grass and not grain and are not kept in some building and are out eating grass like they are supposed to. So, I use a cup of milk, flaxmilk currently which is made of flaxseeds. Then I add a few tablespoons of ground flaxseeds, even had the one with chia seeds in it which is nice. Then I add in a few tablespoons of the protein power, which is hemp protein. Then a tablespoon or a little more of coconut oil, my favorite. The coconut oil is for fat since everything else in this shake has pretty much no fat to it. A tablespoon of coconut oil provides more than half your daily saturated fat intake so it’s quite good at fatten up a drink like this. And then top it all off with a banana. It is smoother and taste better if the banana is at least a bit yellow since the hemp protein is not a good taste and the banana really covers it up. I blend it all up and it makes almost two cups of a protein shake that has about half my daily value of protein for the day. I drink this each morning. I decided on hemp protein because when I heavily researched protein powders, I discovered that many of them contain heavy metals, such as mercury, so I didn’t want to consume them for a prolonged period of time. Hemp protein seemed to be the cleanest and only contains one ingredient, hemp. The others were several different types of protein sources mixed in. Plus, hemp seems to be relatively cheap compared to those other ones.

For lunch time I tend to make a frozen meal. Sometimes a frozen Amy’s organic brand meal like burrito, enchilada, pizza, lasagna, pot pie, so many other things. In addition, other frozen foods I really love are spinach and feta quiche, these spinach and feta filo spanakopitas, as well as samosas with some tamarind and green chili chutney. I enjoy vegetable spring rolls as well as raw vegetable spring rolls wrapped in rice paper. I even like various kinds of Asian soups, like miso soup, spicy ramens, these very thin noodles as well as some rice noodles. Those, as well as the other Asian foods I enjoy, I usually eat with chopsticks. I have these nice metal ones that I’ve gotten quite good at. I never use to know how to use chopsticks at all and was quite bad, but I’m pretty good now I’d say.

Now usually for dinner time I will prepare something. Some of my top favorites are pizza. What I do with pizza is use a gluten free pizza crust, which is good, but there is this non-gluten free one I really love as well. But anyway, I use that and sauté onions in coconut oil, add just enough sauce, but not too much, then mix in a ton of herbs and spices, then if I have it I will put fresh basil leaves on it. For toppings I use the sautéd onions, garlic, jalapeños, black olives, kalamata olives, tomatoes if I have any, as well as an Italian cheese blend and feta cheese, which is one of my favorite cheeses. I don’t like too much cheese, but just enough.

Other foods I enjoy making are various spicy vegetable curries that I eat with black rice. Spicy wontons and vegetable potstickers which is always cooked in coconut oil since that is the best. French onion soup which is my favorite type of soup, again the onions are cooked in coconut oil. Even just something like grilled cheese I make super fancy. I use moderately thick slices of Italian bread and add an Italian cheese blend and feta cheese, as well as fresh basil if I have it and tomatoes. I cook this up in coconut oil and eat it with tomato vegetable alphabet soup, which has carrots, potatoes, corn, and green beans in it.

I’ve made various veggie burgers usually with onions, tomatoes, pickles. I usually eat this with fries, like veggie fries or sweet potato fries. I enjoy making quesadillas with onions, jalapeños, kalamata olives, black olives, and Mexican cheese blend. Cook that up in the oven and get it nice and crispy and have it with a ton of hot sauce. I like raviolis and pastas and put a ton of herbs and spices in the sauce. Since I am vegetarian, I eat fake products. So, fake fish, fake chicken, fake turkey, and fake beef products. I like making vegetarian chili with corn, beans, onion, jalapeño, cilantro. And vegetarian tacos and sloppy joes. Something I like to do with the fake chicken is make a mashed potato bowl. I get mashed potatoes, mix in corn, as well as pieces of crispy fake chicken. Then to make it wonderful, a ton of hot sauce. It looks like orange slop when it’s all made, but is super tasty and spicy.

I love various fruits and vegetables and other things. I love bananas, apples, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, cranberries, even can eat raw cranberries which are very good, onion, garlic, jalapeños, corn, spinach, kale, tomato. Those are the ones I probably eat the most. As for snacks, something as simple as some bread with olive oil is super tasty heated in the oven for a bit. You can add cheese, tomato, and basil to it as well and it’s excellent. I love frozen pretzels that are pizza and grilled flavor, kale chips, which are dried pieces of kale, salsas with chips, hummus. I’ve made bruschetta which is one of my favorite snacks. I put a whole leaf of basil and some feta cheese on it and it’s really good heated up in the oven. And another thing that I haven’t personally made but love is caprese. Not really a snack food I suppose, but I would eat it as a snack. But, it’s basically sliced tomatoes and mozzarella with basil and olive oil and/or balsamic vinaigrette. Interesting story about caprese, I use to pronounce it as ca-pree-s. It was only when a friend and I went out to dinner just in the beginning of 2015 that we both got it and she pronounced it caprese. And I was like, is that how it’s actually pronounced? And, we asked the waitress and she was right. All this time I was pronouncing it incorrectly.

As for candy and sweet snacks and nuts, I enjoy various protein bars. I eat them occasionally, usually between meals. I love peanuts, almonds, and cashews. I also enjoy very dark chocolate, like 90% or higher. I want to try 100% so maybe someday. Maybe some chocolate covered fruits, coconut milk ice cream, avocado ice cream, any other unusual things. I don’t eat many sweets like that and would prefer naturally sweet things, such as fruit.

So, that is just some of the foods I enjoy. There are plenty of others I love since I enjoy trying new things. But for now, these are some of my top favorites. And, maybe it sparked your hunger. I know on my previous diet video that people mentioned they wanted to see the pizza I was talking about that I made. Maybe one day I will show how I prepare that and make a few other things. Maybe even non-food tutorials as well such as how I make candles, body creams, toothpaste and hopefully makeup soon since I want to try to make my own makeup. But for now, I’ll leave you with some suspense.

“You’re not going to say thanks for watching at the end?” That’s what you’re thinking right now. I’m not, I’m not going to say it.

Ok, ok! Thanks for watching! And, I truly do mean that, so thank you!

Additional Info

I love food so much I ate this video and article about food! HAHA!! Stupid (completely serious) joke of course. But anyway, my diet changes all the time and I discover new foods I love. While this is just some of the ones I enjoy at the time of making it, I’m sure it won’t be long before it expands. My diet has gotten so diverse, besides meat of course. I remember when I was younger, I would pick off all the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions and other toppings off sandwiches and burgers. Now, I add them all and then some! I see the people I’m with taking the toppings off and I’m like, “But, that’s the best part!” And then proceed to put their discarded toppings on my sandwich or veggie burger.

Also, after I posted this video some people found what I said about a vegan diet being unhealthy to be offensive. I don’t know why these people took what I said so seriously since I simply do not agree with them. A vegan diet can be very healthy and beneficial, but it has to be done correctly. Incorrect implementation will result in lack of vitamins and can cause problems. There was nothing I was being offensive about. Comments like these, as well as ones saying, “You must become vegan since you are living an unhealthy lifestyle,” are ones I simply do not tolerate.

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