Hi everyone! This video is going to be about accepting others for who they are, unconditionally. Unconditional love is what many of us seek since we have a desire to be accepted by others. This makes us feel like there are others that understand us and are there for us. But, there are plenty of people who are against us and what we do. We cannot please everyone. Yet, we can show love and acceptance to others, regardless of who they are, what they’ve been through, and how they currently are.

Showing unconditional love regardless of who the other person is can be a rather tricky task for some due to the fact that we all put one another down and make fun of others to some degree. We’ve all done it. There are people we like and dislike. But, what if we could see everyone as equal and love everyone the same? For you see, there is no separate between us. We are all one and equal. So, why not treat everyone and everything exactly how we would want to be treated? While we may separate ourselves and hate one another for such silly things from time to time, there are moments we all naturally come together. However, we may naturally come together during a crisis or hard time. Perhaps the death of a loved one brings the entire family and friends of the family together. Even people who held grudges towards one another come together. Yet, why can’t it always be like this? Well, we cannot control what anyone else does or thinks, but we can learn to love and respect others and treat them all equally and how we would want to be treated. We can eliminate grudges and learn to forgive no matter what. This is one of the most important keys to unconditional love. I have a video dedicated to eliminating grudges and learning to forgive that goes into much more detail. I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description. [Grudges]

One of the best ways to show unconditional love is to learn to love yourself. It holds true that when you can truly love yourself, you can genuinely love others. The reason for this is because you may criticize someone who has something you don’t, also known as jealousy. Or you may want something or someone in your life by only thinking of your own needs, also known as selfishness. Or criticize someone because you hold negative attachments to yourself. Or if you had a bad day, you may return the abuse to someone else to release it, almost like trading off the pain to them so you no longer have it. Since I mentioned to treat others how you would want to be treated, what if you feel as though you do not deserve to be treated with love and respect? So, you hurt others because they hurt you. Ultimately, this is because of a lack of love for yourself. Deep down you have been hurt, so you hide it by taking it out on others and finding comfort in the pain. It’s a way to mask how you truly feel. The truth is, a genuine love for yourself is shown in all aspects of your life, including what you project and how you treat others. It’s free from selfishness and jealousy. In other words, you project what you feel. You love yourself, so you project that same love. This is different from arrogance and narcissism as well since that is not genuine love, but rather a false sense of self importance.

You must also realize that you cannot control anyone. Rather, let the person live the life they want that makes them happy. If you get upset and angry that another person is not the way you want them, perhaps your own child or a family member, or a friend, even a romantic partner, then you must realize that you have no control over them. To show unconditional love, it’s about accepting the other person for how they are, without trying to change them and without getting upset that they are not the way you would want them. Because the only person you can change is yourself. If you feel the need to control someone else, then you do not genuinely love them. Another reason for this is because when you try to control them, it may indicate an aspect of yourself that you do not have control over. Perhaps an alcoholic father is very controlling when it comes to his daughter. He does not want her to go out and party or drink. Yet, this could indicate a lack of control over his own alcoholism so he tries to control someone else, his daughter, to give him the perception of controlling his own alcohol abuse. Or what about another father who is not an alcoholic trying to control his daughter because he wants the best for her. Again, he wants her to make the best choices, and these choices are the ones that he has in mind for her, not what she wants. Perhaps she wants to be a lawyer, yet her father wants her to be a nurse. To show unconditional love it would be to allow his daughter to fulfill the life she wants to live, and be happy with her accomplishments, even if it wasn’t what he wanted. You must also remember, there is a difference between parenting and raising a child and teaching them important life lessons so they can make their own choices in life, verses trying to control and manipulate someone to be the person you want them to be to make you happy.

This brings me to another important key, to learn that we are all equal, we are all one. It may be difficult for some to understand, but imagine what it would be like to see a reflection of you in everything and anything? That is exactly the world we live in. For you see, the people we associate with, such as our friends and romantic partners, are a reflection of how we view ourselves. When you begin to view the world as an extension of you, then you begin to respect others around you and accept them as they are. This goes back to treating others how you would want to be treated. If you treat someone poorly, that perhaps indicates an aspect of yourself you do not like. But, by realizing that we are all equal, then it only follows that there is no one person that is better or worse than another.

With all that being said, it can still be quite difficult to actually accept others for how they are and what they’ve done. Let’s take someone who is our enemy who constantly abuses us and makes fun of us, or another person who has committed many crimes, perhaps even murder. Are these people bad for what they have done? Should they be forgiven? Can you forgive them and wish them the best and hope they can learn to love themselves and others? Are they any less of a person for what they have done? The answer is one only you can determine. But, these people are equal to any other person. You cannot control them or their actions to be how you want, and shaming them will not do anything. But, you can wish them the best to get their own life back on track. We can show them love just as we would want to be shown love because ultimately that is what can help them. The reason why they make poor decision is ultimately because they do not love themselves. They may feel neglected by others and the world around them, making them feel isolated and alone, like no one cares. This then turns into them not loving themselves or thinking they are deserving of love from others. But, we can show them love to help them realize that this simply is not the case. Because love is what will help them figure out who they really are and what they truly want to accomplish in life.

So in conclusion, accepting others unconditionally, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done can be a rather tricky feat for some due to the fact that we all judge others and see them as anything but equal. But, the truth of the matter is that we are all equal and deserve to be treated as such. We should all treat others how we would want to be treated since how we view ourselves is what we project and what we attract. So, finding the love within ourselves as well as eliminating grudges, learning to forgive, and eliminating any sort of control over another person can help one achieve a life of showing unconditional love to others since we are all equal and one. I hope this video was informative and helpful. Thanks for watching!

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