Hi everyone! This video is going to be about the law of attraction and manifesting things into your life. The law of attraction is essentially a theory that means “like attracts like.” Whatever you think about is what you will attract. When directing your focus to something positive, you will manifest positive results. And the same holds true for negativity and negative thoughts. What this all means is that things happen for a reason. It’s a synchronicity, in that they occur because of your own thoughts and views, things that need to be learned, or something that holds significant meaning. I did a video in much greater detail about synchronicity, so I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description. [Synchronicity]

When you believe something, it comes true. But the truth is, many of us have doubt which deters the results we want. Or we improperly utilize the law of attraction by either trying to resist or not think of something. Not thinking of something, or trying to resist it, will only manifest that exact thing you are trying to not think about. Let’s think about a piece of paper. When you have the image of paper in your mind, try to not think about paper. If you say to yourself, “I’m not thinking about paper,” you are still thinking about paper. You will be unable to not think about the paper because you focus is actually on the paper. All you are thinking about is paper because you are trying to block it out. So then, what if you change your perspective to water. Direct your focus to water. Imagine and visualize water. See it in your mind, feel it, hear it. At this point, you’ve shifted your focus to water so now paper is not in your mind. And now you are thinking about paper again because I mentioned it.

The law of attraction is that simple. It’s not complex and is surely not difficult to learn and implement into your life. While it may be difficult to grasp the idea that we all create our own reality by our own thoughts manifesting themselves into our world, when you begin to realize the meaning behind the events, your own thoughts, and how you brought it about and what you can learn from it, you will begin to learn how the law of attraction works and be able to implement it into your life.

So let’s demonstrate now shall we. Think about something in your life you wish to have. Perhaps you have a low paying job. I’ll use that for this example. So, let’s say you wish you could get a raise to help pay home expenses. But here’s the thing, you don’t believe it will happen. Perhaps you don’t feel as though your boss likes you or that you don’t feel as though you are qualified enough to work in a better position. Maybe you see people get raises and even get promoted that are not as hard working and productive as you are. All this confirms that your boss doesn’t like you, or at least that is what you think. You become stressed which begins to affect your ability to work. Your boss talks with you saying that if you are not able to get back on track with your own work that you would be let go. Due to the intense fear of no longer having a job to support yourself and your family, it’s all you think about. This overwhelming anxiety affects your work to the point that your boss has no other choice than to let you go. Now you have no job, no income, no way of supporting your family. Nor can you find anyone else to hire you. This is a negative scenario that can happen and is not uncommon. The person manifested this negative outcome by focusing on it, thinking they wouldn’t get the raise, and thinking they would lose their job. Perhaps they were even times they were trying to resist the negative outcome by not thinking about it.

Now here’s how things could’ve gone differently. Again, the person wants a raise. Instead of seeing others get a raise and promoted and thinking their boss doesn’t like them or that they were not hard working enough, this person instead sees it as a challenge for them to work harder and more productive. They want that raise and it’s what their focus is on. They’re feeling good about themselves, are free from stress and anxiety, and have become efficient at what they do. Their boss notices the hard work and has a talk with them. Perhaps the boss doesn’t want to give them a raise, but maybe they want to promote the person to a much better job that not only would better utilize their skills, but also nearly doubles their monthly income. This person manifested a positive outcome by focusing on what they wanted. They wanted a raise and worked hard, and they were rewarded with something even better.

The thing to note about the law of attraction is that it may not work in a way you expect it work. Perhaps you want to lose weight. You will more than likely not just manifest a thinner body, but perhaps you get inherited money. This money is not even remotely related to losing weight, or is it? Perhaps it will allow you to pay for better quality food, instead of fast food, perhaps get a gym membership, and buy exercise equipment for the house. The money is what you manifested to help you lose the weight. It directly helped you achieve your goals, but was not what you intentionally thought about when wanting to lose weight. In other words, you manifested something to help you achieve what you really wanted. You can view them as separate and not related to one another, or you can view them as connected and that it served a purpose in your life that the money came into your life at the time you needed it. Furthermore, it’s even possible for the law of attraction to bring you want you want by something negative happening. This is why it is important to view negative events as learning experiences since you can benefit from any negative encounter you have witnessed or been through.

So, that is the law of attraction. To manifest things in your life, all you have to do is direct your focus to them and work on them. By letting go of resistance and negativity, you can and will accomplish and manifest the things you want given enough time. Practice this and let me know how it goes. Think about something you want and direct your focus to it. Figure out how you can achieve it and have positive intentions for wanting it. Positive reasons being to help yourself and/or others as well as letting go of resistance, negative thinking, and not thinking of something. I hope this video was informative and helpful. Thanks for watching!

Additional Info

I discovered the law of attraction a long time ago and would manifest things into my life by focusing on them. By concentrating enough, I was able to bring positive things into my life. However, at the same time, I was having issues with many negative thoughts. As a result, the negative things I would focus on would continue to happen to me. But, the moment I began to learn from those negative past experiences and focus instead on what I would want to happen without trying to resist the negative is when change in those areas of my life started to come about.

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