Hi everyone! This video is going to be about finding your purpose in life. Finding what your purpose is and living it is something we all strive for, but unfortunately many do not accomplish this task. It’s not easy. But, discovering your true purpose will allow you to live freely and to your full potential. For many individuals, they are at a loss of what to do with their life. They do not know where they are headed and are not satisfied with their life. As a result, they are not living the way they want, don’t have the career they want, nothing is going right for them. This is because they have lost touch with their true self and their goals. They may not even know what they truly want in life and have no clue on how to accomplish it.

Discovering your purpose is not easy. It’s like looking inside yourself for someone. That someone being your real goals and dreams. So many of us are not aligned with our true self and our purpose and are actually in resistance to what our purpose in this world actually is. In order to connect with yourself the first step is to figure out what you really want. Think about what you want to do with your life and understand why you want it. Your purpose comes from within yourself. In other words, it has nothing to do with other people’s opinions and what they want you to do. Nor is it about imitating someone else. It is about staying true to yourself. But, many times the opinions of others matter more than the opinions we have of ourselves. And that is where the problem lies.

For instance, let’s say you want to be a psychologist and help people one-on-one with their problems, yet your parents and friends want you to be a nurse and work in the medical field, perhaps even because they can see you being excellent at the job. Do you listen to everyone else telling you what you should do, knowing that if you do not pursue being a nurse you would make them disappointed, even though it’s not really want you want? Or, do you work on yourself and do what is best for you by uncovering what you truly want in life and what skill or trade has come into your life? The answer to finding your purpose is always the latter. You will never find your purpose by listening to others. Only you can discover what you really want. That’s not to say that other people cannot influence you or help you figure out what you really want, because they certainly can, but only you will truly know what you want in life.

We also often are distracted from our purpose by trying to resist negative past experiences. These past experiences tend to relieve themselves over and over again, and it’s because the person has yet to align with their true purpose. In other words, they are resisting their purpose in this life and are trying to change negative past experiences that continuously repeat themselves. They repeat themselves because you have not overcome them yet, because you have not realized your true purpose. Your true purpose in life is, in fact, the exact opposite of this negative feeling you are having. So, realize what negative experiences you have been through in the past. Sit down and relax yourself and truly experience those feelings again and let yourself feel what emotions come to you. Fully immerse yourself so you can understand and feel what it’s like. Identify the feelings you have, and learn from the experience you had in the past, and then realize that your purpose is the opposite of this negative feeling, in that your purpose should make you happy and fulfilled, and not take away from your life and make you feel drained or uncomfortable.

An example may be someone who has been in abusive past relationships. Every person they were with, including the current person in their life, is abusive towards them. They do not understand why they cannot find someone that is not abusive. The reason why they keep having abusive people in their life is because they are resisting, they have not yet learned what they need in order to move past this. When they can sit down and think about their life, where it’s headed, and learn from their mistakes and prior relationships and experiences, then they will be one step closer to getting in touch with their true self, which in turn would allow them to be free from said abusive people and do what is best for them. This can only happen when they become aware of it. When they do and make that step at uncovering what they really want and working towards that without resistance, then the right people, events, careers, will come into their life to help them achieve their goals.

Which brings us to the next point, that you will instantly know that you are living your purpose if it makes you happy, fulfilled, and you grow and learn from your experiences and failures. Your purpose in life should always make you feel this way. That’s not to say you will not experience negativity or failures, because you certainly will, but it’s a matter of perspective and how you view it. Do you enjoy what you are doing, or do you hate it? Do you like where your life is headed, or are you disappointed with yourself?

With that being said, your purpose in life can change. The people, relationships, careers, anything else in your life can change. This is also often a reason why relationships do not always last. Two people may be compatible and their purpose in life is in alignment, but then one’s purpose and goals change and thus the relationships simply doesn’t work anymore. You cannot hold onto something that no longer suits you or works for you. So, you have to learn to let that go and move on with your own life and what makes you happy. So, if you find that what made you happy for years no longer does this for you, it’s time to reevaluate your life and discover what your new purpose is. It can change, so certainly recognize the signs and respond according to do what is best for you.

So in conclusion, finding your purpose in life takes time as it’s not an easy task. But, discovering your true purpose will allow you to live freely and to your full potential. By figuring out what you really want and what makes you feel happy and fulfilled, as well as letting go of resistance, you’ll be on the right path at fulfilling your purpose. Even when you do discover what it is you enjoy and dedicate your time to fulfilling this purpose, it’ll take time to start seeing the things you want manifest in your life. I hope this video was informative and helpful. Thanks for watching!

Additional Info

I discovered my purpose in life shortly before I transitioned. Well, actually it was a while before that since I knew I was good at helping people. But, after I began to love myself, primarily through my transition, I knew what I must do to help other people. I had a desire to help those that were in a similar position as I was and didn’t know where to look for help and didn’t know what to do. I had so much to share with people, but I had no one to talk to about my own thoughts, interests, and problems. So, I built a community online to share these things and how I overcame (and continue to overcome) my own problems, while also sharing my interests and points of view. In turn, my desire to help others turned into me not only helping many people, but also helping myself. I am happy with myself and my purpose and will continue to progress forward no matter how difficult it can be at times!

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