Hi everyone! This video is going to be about how you can help yourself and admit you have a problem. Alternatively, I have a video about how you can help other people so I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description if you would like to check that out. [Help Others] But anyway, learning to help yourself and admit to yourself that you have a problem and need help can be extremely difficult for many individuals. I’ve said in many videos that the first step to overcome something is to admit it to yourself and acknowledge you have a problem. For instance, if you have an addiction, how do you admit you have one and then seek out help to better yourself? How do you admit what you consider your flaws and want to better yourself? That is what this video will be about.

One of the most important things is to evaluate your current situation. For instance, if you have an addiction and do not acknowledge it, you will not call it an addiction. It may seem enjoyable to you when you are partaking in the behavior. But, deep down you are doing it because of negativity. Perhaps self-hatred, stress, anxiety, whatever other negative emotions you are feeling that you do not want to deal with so you escape by being involved in behavior that is destructive, which is your coping mechanism. That is where you need to start. Get to the root as to why you are doing it. When it’s because of negativity, which it always will be, it’ll become clear to you that you have a problem which then you can address it and want to better yourself.

With the addict example, perhaps an addict is spending all their money and time doing drugs. They distance themselves from family and friends, and end up not having any money due to their addiction. That is what they will need to realize, that their life has changed because of their addiction, and that it has changed for the worse. Other people can help by allowing the person to realize for themselves that their life has changed negatively. Because the truth is, when you have a serious problem, addiction or otherwise, you will often not be aware of it. But, the moment you evaluate yourself and your current life situation is when you will realize how much whatever it is going is has changed your life for the worse and has not helped you grow as the person you want to be.

Next, evaluate what you consider your flaws and learn to accept them. To accept negative traits about yourself, you analyze them, perhaps write them down, study them, and learn about all these traits you do not like about yourself. What emotions do you feel when you think about those traits? Many times it’ll be disgust, hatred, maybe even rage. Understand why you are experiencing those emotions and why you feel those emotions so strongly about the traits you do not like. This could be from past experiences where people criticized the things you did or said and it caused you to not think positively of yourself in regard to what you were doing. Thus making the trait be associated to a negative memory of people thinking negatively of you. Whatever the case, learn where the traits or behaviors came from and most importantly, understand your own emotions towards them and realize that you can change those thoughts as you do not have to identify with them.

Which leads me to the next point, find a positive reason to better yourself. After you know the things you wish to change about yourself and understand where it originated, the next step can be tricky since you have to learn to see those flaws, that you have strong negative emotions attached to, and approach it from a place of positivity to better yourself. In other words, do you want to change those aspects you do not like about yourself to escape from them? If so, that is an incorrect approach that will not get you anywhere. Instead, if you approach from a place of positivity, to better yourself and accept yourself and grow, then you will succeed at overcoming the problems at hand. What this means is that when you try and escape from and even hate characteristics about yourself, you will not address them or overcome them which will only make those traits more prominent and you dislike yourself even more. If instead you see those traits as obstacles you can overcome to be a better person with enough hard work and determination, then you will be on the right path of acceptance and overcoming them efficiently and effectively.

After you have evaluated your life and realized where you are, as well as worked on accepting yourself and finding positive reasons to improve the quality of your life, that is only the beginning as you need to then realize what your future goals are. In other words, after you know where you are now, where do you want to be with your life? Think about the person you are now, and then think of the things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Then ask yourself if what you are doing now is helping you achieve those goals. The answer will be ‘no’ since where you currently are in your life is a result of not working on those future goals you have. You may not know how to achieve what you want or feel hopeless about the situation so you develop negative ways of coping or thinking about yourself which has prevented you from moving forward with your goals. By having a plan ready and taking it one day at a time, the picture will become clearer that you will be headed in the right direction and that where you are now is not a reflection of who you can be in the future if you dedicate yourself enough to your goals. The thing to note is that success will not always happen. It’s implausible to think optimistically all the time, as it is to think pessimistically all the time. By keeping it realistic, you will acknowledge that there will be points that the negative behavior will come back, or that your plan didn’t go as planned. But, this is not incentive to give up on your future goals, but rather to learn from your mistakes and better yourself even more. Learn and grow from your failures.

So in conclusion, realizing and admitting you have a problem can be one of the most challenging things to do since it’s not something you may even be consciously aware of. By analyzing your life and realizing where you are and where you want to be, you can make steps at acknowledging these things about yourself and better yourself.

Talking with others can be very beneficial at figuring all this out. It can be very difficult to talk with others about things you do not like about yourself. But, the hardest part is accepting and acknowledging it yourself. If you’ve made it that far, telling another person is no where near as difficult. Working on yourself, and bettering yourself can be challenging, but when you accept and acknowledge where you currently are in your life and where you want to be, then you will be making progress at becoming the person you wish to be. I hope this video was informative and helpful. Thanks for watching!

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Helping yourself can be one of the hardest things to do since we often do not want to work on ourselves since we know our flaws and are often not proud of them or accept them. This was my own problem for the longest time since I wasn’t able to help myself, so things never changed for me. It was only until I analyzed the things I didn’t like about myself and learn to accept them was when I was able to better myself.

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