Hi everyone! I am proud to announce that my website, autumnasphodel.com, is now available. You can access it by clicking here or the link in the description. It first was accessible on February 20th, 2015, but I made an announcement about it on February 23rd, 2015. And now, March 20th, 2015, I am making a video about it to go into a bit more detail about the site and what I plan on doing with it.

The site’s intended purpose is my YouTube content. You can find all videos I’ve done, organized into categories and tags that are easy to navigate, as well as search for what you are looking for, which will be improved in time. There are scripts for each video in addition to my own thoughts and backstory about the video so you can know more about me and the video.

I started taking an interest in web design back in 2006 and over several years I developed a website from scratch that was very detailed and complex. I am proud of that site since I literally did all the programming and the design. This site, however, I am very proud of for different reasons. While it uses a content management system that I am not responsible for developing, I did add a lot of functionality to it and did the entire design myself. When you resize your browser, the site will adapt for the change in size. This means that the site is accessible and looks good on desktop, tablet, and mobile phones and devices.

So here is the site. You have navigation and search functionality. This is just the home page that lists the most recent videos. Over to the right you can find some of the more popular topics I have done. Now, if I go to videos you will see that all my content is organized into various categories and tags.

Going to my most recent video, you can view the video here as well as view the description of that video. However, you can also view a bit of extra information about me and the video. So, some things may be how I produced the video or my own thoughts about it explained a bit more clearly. In addition, you can view the entire transcript of the video if you so desire. There is a table of contents here for easier navigation. And at the bottom you will find related content to the one you are viewing now, such as the next and previous videos and other videos with the same tag and/or category.

As for things I want to add to the site. Well, I want to be able to add a way to subscribe so people can be notified via email that new content has been published. This is very important for those that are not on YouTube, Facebook, or Google+ but would like to still be able to subscribe to my content. Additionally I would like to add a frequently asked questions page because I get asked a lot of the same type of questions so I think it’ll help out a lot. I want to be able to fix some of the issues and add better mobile and phone support and compatibility, better search functionality, and a bunch of other things.

If you have any suggestions or find any errors with the functionality of the site including grammatically, which people have already pointed out quite a few grammatical errors, then please let me know somehow. One thing I am not planning is adding the ability to comment on posts. This is not something I am interested in, and also cannot monitor so I have no interest in it.

So, please let me know what you think of the site if you have looked at it. What can be improved? What can be added? How can things function a bit easier and work better? Let me know. Thank you so much for watching and checking out my site!

Additional Info

My website is finally complete! Well, at least the foundation since there is a lot I want to add and it’ll always be a work in progress. I started thinking about the site in the beginning of 2014, started learning and experimenting with it during mid 2014, but really starting putting a lot of effort into it during Q4 2014 and finalized it in February 2015. I did the entire design myself which was rather tricky since I had never worked on making a site that was responsive, in that it worked on both desktop and mobile. But once I got the hang of it, things went smoothly.

For the content management system, I decided to use WordPress which was also brand new to me. I learned some of the ways of implementing particular things into my themes and creating plugins and the moment I got the hang of it, I was like, “Oh wow! This is so cool. I have so much flexibility with this.” It was so awesome what could be done with the site. Of course, I was rather upset about not knowing how all the behind-the-scenes coding worked since I also like to know how things function, but I looked past this since it offered me an easier environment to develop my site.

I developed the site locally on my computer using a program, MAMP, that could run PHP code, MySQL databases, and the Apache web server directly on my computer so I didn’t have to rush to register a domain name that was going to sit there for many months. When it was time to register a domain name, I went with GoDaddy as that is what another site I developed is on and have had no problems with them.

I also wanted to use a content delivery network so people could have access to the site at the fastest speed regardless of their location. The thing about the Internet is that the further you are from the server, the longer it takes the data to get to you. So, someone in a different country will experience the site slower then those located in the United States where the server is. So, I decided to use CloudFlare which also provides an array of security features. It helps speed up my site as well as protect it from attacks. Furthermore, it was also nice to have the site secure with HTTPS. After learning a bit about how CloudFlare worked and how it cached data, I found the best settings for my site that helped make it super speedy. At times there will be problems with the site or the speed of it, but it generally functions quite well.

And unrelated to CloudFlare, but sometimes those Google AdSense advertisements can be so irrelevant it’s amusing…and frustrating since my website is not about meeting sexy Asian, Thai, or Christian women or finding the right man or why a man is cheating. Don’t know why that even appears but I did my best to block it. See any inappropriate ads? Let me know so I can block them too!

Overall, I am proud of the site as I’ve put so much work into it. I know in time it’ll only get better as I add more features and content. Thank you to all who have looked at it, and are reading this right now!

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