Many people believe that they are the victim, that they are to blame for things going wrong. Many people feel oppressed in today’s society because they feel opportunities are unequal to them and they are discriminated against. If this describes you, what can you do to realize that you are not oppressed?

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Feeling oppressed means that you feel weak, that you have no power or inner strength. Often those that feel oppressed feel hopeless often due to past traumas and society. We often hear that certain races, gender identities, and sexes are oppressed since they are not treated equally. This instills within our mind that we are inferior to others. We then play the victim and feel like we cannot amount to much since we are oppressed.

Society specifically trains us to feel inferior and like an oppressed victim. Everywhere you go, everything you see, all are a symptom of a sick society that preys on those who are weak to bring them down further. Yet disguising itself as a way to make a change, to bring about justice and equality, yet only segregates more and further divides people, which makes them weaker.

The truth is, you are not oppressed. You are a powerful individual. If you cannot see it within yourself, you’ll need to realize that you are strong and can accomplish anything you desire by focusing on it. Other people and society may tell you that you cannot amount to much, and thus shape your reality into one where you are the victim and cannot amount to much. Your mind is incredibly powerful, so what you hear and repeat to yourself, as well as what you believe, shapes your reality. By focusing on segregation, victimhood, and feeling oppressed, you will not remedy the problem at all, but cause more of it. This is how your mind works and the law of attraction at play.

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Instead of focusing on what you lack and how unequal you are, comparing yourself to others, look at people around you and come up with a plan so you can be successful just like them. Society does not determine what you’re capable of, nor does your family or friends. Rather, you hold this key and are the only one capable of determining what you can accomplish in this lifetime. If you feel life is unfair because you are a minority and an outcast, perhaps because of your skin color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or mental disability, realize that these things do not make you weak. These things make you a human being who is strong and capable of so much.

Use what society views as ways you are oppressed to focus on what you truly desire and accomplish them. The only limitation is one you put on yourself. Help others get out of the victim mindset and help them feel empowered. You have the power to do anything you desire, and all it takes is for you to start viewing yourself as an empowered individual that is capable of anything they set their mind to.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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As someone who is considered a very small minority, I never felt like I was a victim. I’ve always viewed myself as an empowered individual who is capable of anything. Maybe that’s why I am so successful, because I don’t play into the victim mentality. It’s sad to see so many people, especially younger people, think they are oppressed and begin playing the victim and demand others change for them instead of them changing for themselves. Things have to change, but it has to come from within.

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