Covid anxiety disorder is the extreme fear of a pathogen known as SARS-CoV2. It is invisible to the eye, primarily affects the elderly, and has dominated mainstream media in 2020 and 2021, and likely the years to come. It has been politicized and propagandized, with science being weaponized to enforce preventative measures, such as masks and vaccines, as the public are incentivized, coerced, and even threatened to undergo medical procedures.

Coronavirus Covid-19 background

Symptoms of covid anxiety disorder include the consumption of fake news propaganda, irrational fears that everyone around the individual is a carrier, even when not sick, that a virus can spread without symptoms, viewing people who are health as threats, avoiding others at all costs due to intense fear, obsessive compulsive hygiene and mask wearing, even when alone, such as in the car or when eating. Other symptoms, especially found in children, include the intense fear of taking off the mask around other people and being scared of the human face, nose, and mouth.

Covid anxiety disorder is not a natural phenomenon, but rather manufactured by the news media, politicians, and the government to put people into a state of fear to control them. When you live in a state of fear, you are more easily controlled. They are fully aware of this and manipulate you by controlling the narrative, propagandizing the news media, and weaponizing science. Hence why those who consumed alternative or no media were not afraid, as they either got the true facts or simply didn’t hear anything at all.

Many people are now struggling with this condition and may never return to a normal life without an intense fear that something they cannot see will jump out at them and kill them. Those who are younger ultimately will have the hardest time with this. Kids are now conditioned, fearful around those without a mask, or have fallen in love with their mask and see it as a necessary accessory like clothing. This is truly saddening and there is nothing normal about it. A child and baby needs to see the smiling faces of others, needs to play with friends, and should not be tracked, controlled, and surveilled to see if they have a contagious disease with no symptoms.

Quarantine and isolation during the virus outbreak

If you or someone you know is struggling with covid anxiety disorder, please listen closely. As with any other anxiety disorder, there is intense fear of what may happen. The person creates “what if” scenarios in their mind, depicting the worst possible outcome. These things prevent the individual from living a healthy life and having healthy communication skills with their peers.

Covid anxiety disorder also has another aspect, the intense fear of germs, or mysophobia or germaphobia. These people think threatening germs are all around them and will kill them if they come into contact with it. Since viruses and bacteria are invisible to the human eye, this creates an intense fear of what the person thinks is there. I’m sure we’ve all encountered someone over the past year who is walking towards us, only to swerve out of our way, or put up their mask before walking by us, yet are oblivious to the fact that their hands are loaded with bacteria and are touching the mask where it sits, collects, and develops into even more harmful bacteria.

The number one way or breaking free from covid anxiety disorder is to turn off the television and Internet. Stop going onto news sites that instill fear within you, and stop using social media where propaganda is prioritized. Go out into nature and enjoy life. You were made to be happy, not live in fear. So turn off the nonsense and realize what life is actually about, being a healthy, natural human being who is free.

If you are going to consume any news media, do so from independent sources that look at the raw data, analyze it, and are not funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Every news source has a bias, so realize what the bias is and watch any news source with an open mind and do your own research and critical thinking. If you begin to feel uneasy or fearful while watching any news source, take a deep breath and a break from it since that’s a tactic they use to alter your thinking and beliefs to make you do things you wouldn’t do in a calm and collected frame of mind. Don’t be coerced into doing things just because someone else is shaming you or calling you selfish for not doing what they want you to do.

Be strong during this tough time and you’ll come out in good standing in the end. Be wise and you’ll make it out on top and be informed. No matter what anyone may call you, be you and stand by your beliefs and recognize which are yours and which have been implanted within you with fear by the news media, politicians, and the government.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

Early in 2020 before the virus came to the United States, I had minor fear, mostly for my grandmother who is older. Once the lockdowns started, I found it a little weird and said, “Ok, let’s see how this goes.” I then started to get sad and angry. I remember seeing all the closures of businesses. I recall one of my favorite restaurants closing down, and I saw people go towards the door then turn around and get back in their car. This made me very angry that the government lied to people about the severity of a virus and made them close down their businesses.

Well, that’s not all true, the government didn’t do anything. People closed down their stores, people put a mask on their face, people complied with illegal mandates put out by the government. None of it made sense for a virus with an extremely high survivability rate, can be easily misdiagnosed with faulty PCR tests over the 30 cycle threshold, in addition to the number of people who died of other illnesses who were labeled as a death of the virus. Then once the vaccine rolls around, the WHO and CDC lower the recommended threshold to capture less infections, yet will congratulate the vaccine which will do nothing but damage those who got it.

It’s truly saddening to see so many of my fellow human beings believe the lies and actually go through with this. I tried my best and made a big impact, so it’s on them if they wish to live in fear. But, I chose not to live in fear. I stood up for my rights and resisted every single illegal action and didn’t comply with a single mandate at any time that was trying to be forced upon me. I was prepared and thus I came out a winner. And so can you if you wake up and live life. Stop living in fear and enjoy this world!

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Joshua Werner
Joshua Werner
August 6, 2021 8:44 AM

This video was very informative! But I don’t have this. Weather I was vaccinated or not!

lora lepore
lora lepore
August 8, 2021 10:38 AM

Well I kinda agree but also kinda disagree… like I know we should not always take media as granted but I think your ideas in these video are also kind of exaggerated… I personally believe It wasn’t that big of a deal …