For this month, there are some amazing and unique snacks. There are normally ten items, but this one has 12!

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Vegancuts Snack Box | April 2021 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • LesserEvil Himalayan Pink Salt Veggie Sticks“LesserEvil packages their sustainable snacks in NEO plastics that can be discarded responsibly, creating renewable energy for the planet.”
    • I’ve had plenty of veggie sticks before, but these actually taste like vegetables. They are thicker and softer than all other veggie sticks I’ve had. The flavor is very “green” – like vegetably – a bit bitter too. They are not the greatest, but I know they are healthy!
  • Savory Wild Hot & Spicy Cajun Style Portabella Jerky“Savory Wild’s mushrooms are grown from compostable material, and the soil is recycled for field replenishment and potting soil. Did you know that mushrooms are one of the most eco-friendly foods on the planet?”
    • Mushrooms always intimidate me. The smell of these is amazing, however. It’s very chewy and not the greatest. I’m not the biggest fan of portabella mushrooms. But, it wasn’t as bad as I was thinking, plus it’s actually spicy!
  • RW Garcia Organic Bar-B-Q Corn Chips“RW Garcia has made many eco-friendly commitments, recycling all their unprocessed, non-GMO corn and maintaining zero-waste on all ingredients.”
    • Normally I’m not a fan of BBQ flavor, but these are really good. The flavor is not overwhelmingly BBQ. It is a bit salty, but overall a tasty product.
  • Dang Foods Sriracha Spice Thai Rice Chips and Lightly Salted Coconut Chips“Dang, a certified B Corp, sources their coconuts from sustainable family farms in Thailand, where every part of the plant is used, and uphold rigorous standards of environmental action & transparency.”
    • The sriracha rice chips are quite tasty. It’s not spicy, or has a strong sriracha flavor, but I would definitely get again!
    • The coconut chips, however, are not very good. I normally love coconut, but this one just has no flavor.
  • Humming Hemp Spicy Hemp Hearts“Humming Hemp products come from 15 regenerative farms, who rotate their crops to prevent soil depletion. Because hemp is naturally disease and insect-resistant, farmers can avoid pesticides.”
    • These are amazing. They are not spicy (at least not for me), but they have amazing flavor. A bit tomato flavor. I put it on my spaghetti and can be paired with other foods. Even by itself, it’s amazing.
  • Chasin Dreams Cocoa Popped Sorghum OR Cinnamon Popped Sorghum“Sorghum is an ancient grain that uses only half the water that most crops need, and because of sorghum’s eco-efficiency, Chasin Dreams is able to produce delicious earth friendly snacks.”
    • I got the cocoa one and it’s similar to popcorn, but smaller. It’s pretty interesting, and tasty. There is a lot in the bag, despite it only having 110 calories.
  • Fullgreen Buffalo Ranch Riced Ideas“Fullgreen uses ‘ugly’ veggies and surplus produce that usually get thrown away to help combat food waste. They also plant 200 trees per month as a reforestation partner of One Tree Planted.”
    • This one is definitely more flavorful than the mushroom one. I’m usually not a fan of buffalo flavor, but it’s actually really good. This one I would buy again.
  • Numi Organics White Rose Tea and Matcha Toasted Rice Tea“Not only is Numi Tea Climate Neutral-Certified and members of The Climate Collaborative, their tea also comes in plant-based & compostable wrappers.”
    • The matcha one is nasty. I normally don’t mind bitter tea, but this one is just not good. I had to add stevia and it still is pretty bad. There is some caffein in it. The Rooibos Chai tea (I did not get the white rose one) was far better. It had a cinnamon flavor, and wasn’t bitter. Very good.
  • Theo Chocolate Peanut Butter & Jelly Cups“Theo sources Organic & Fair Trade Certified Cocoa, like what goes into these delicious 55% Chocolate PB & J Cups, to ensure that their products benefit farmers & the environment.”
    • In the shape of a heart and very tasty! Peanut butter and jelly in a chocolate shell. Yummy. I wish it was darker chocolate, but it’s still good. I’ve never had jelly in a chocolate cup, and it’s nice.
  • BONUS! Reusable Stainless Steel Straw“Easy-to-clean and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic straws that wreak havoc on our ocean and animal habitats. Keep in your car and say “no thanks” to plastic straws at the drive-thru.”
    • So cool to have a straw! I appreciate the idea and like how big it is. Certainly will come in handy.

Theme: The Best Snacks on the Planet are the Best Snacks FOR the Planet!
Sanctuary Supported: Clover Ridge Animal Sanctuary, in New Milford, CT.

Use the code ASPHODEL to save $5 on your subscription box!

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