Hello everyone, I will be sharing my favorite channels and what I watch on a daily basis. This will give you better insight into my life and beliefs, and you will most certainly learn something by watching these channels. These will be channels I watch the most, so ones I watch infrequently or not much are not included. My number one channels are Autumn Asphodel, Asphodel Gaming, Elle Stone, Iris Fae. That’s it. See you later, bye! I’m joking I don’t watch my own videos, except maybe the gaming ones.

These channels are categorized into finance, news, personal development, gaming, and comedy / parody.


Financial channels focus on money making strategies, and the ones I primarily watch are stock trading strategies.

I watch the TraderTV Live show daily. They are a team of three men, Brendan, Shawn, and Neal, who are professional day traders who have been in the industry for years. Their live show runs from 8:30-11:30am each weekday morning. Although, I generally watch until about 10:30am. I watch as I am trading along with them, sometimes the same stocks. Watching them trade in real time has taught me strategies that have helped with my own trading. They are also quite amusing and have various animations and graphics they can press a button for during the show. I’m not a fan of one of the guests they have one a few times a week since he is clueless when it comes to the situation going on in the world and reopening, but the main hosts are excellent.

Another stock trader I’ve learned alot from is Jared Wesley from Live Traders. He has over a decade of experience and his videos go quite in depth about various trading strategies. At first I didn’t understand them, and some are still a bit over my head, but I’ve learned quite a bit from his video lectures.

And lastly Charlie from ZipTrader. He discusses news about certain stocks and what is driving their price up or down. This has helped me get better insight into how good news about a company can drive the stock price, in addition to whatever other catalysts the company has behind it to help for future growth.


I don’t watch the mainstream media, also known as fake news, because all of them lie and manipulate the truth to divide people. Instead, I watch alternative media, mostly from independent creators that are not funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Many of them use mainstream media news sources, cross-reference them with alternative sources and science, and provide a more well rounded, truthful viewpoint of what’s going on in the world.

One of these people is Tim Pool. He has three channels, Tim Pool, Timcast, and Timcast IRL. I watch all of them depending on the topic. I only found him during the 2020 crisis as he covered topics that were hard to find due to online censorship. He covers news, politics, and what’s going on in the world. Some topics I am not particularly interested in, but others I do watch. He gives his opinion on various topics, some I agree with, others I don’t, while some things he is completely clueless about. Regardless, he provides an alternative perspective that filters out the bias of the mainstream news media.

Another channel I started watching during the 2020 crisis is Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante. He speaks the truth about what the true agenda of 2020 was and the plan that was laid out by the global banks and world leaders. I was doubtful at first, but once it started coming true, I saw that what he was presenting was the truth. He presents articles from mainstream news sources, as well as alternative sources, along with his opinions with clips and screenshots to back it up. He also heavily discusses cryptocurrencies. He has been banned from all major social media platforms due to what he discusses.

Another channel that has been banned from major social media companies is The HighWire with Del Bigtree. I have been watching his weekly show for years and he goes in-depth with the science regarding vaccines. Since the 2020 crisis, the focus has shifted to that and the vaccine for it. The information he presents, along with the guests he has on, present evidence that the mainstream media ignores. This is not a conspiracy channel, but hard facts with the science to back it up. Despite the grim nature of the topics discussed, I always feel a sense of positivity and empowerment.

A channel that focuses on exposing conspiracies that are behind the scenes and are usually hidden from the public is The Corbett Report. James Corbett covers multiple topics, from September 11th to Bill Gates, and exposes what’s really going on. I loved his “Who is Bill Gates” documentary.

And lastly, Rob Braxman Tech provides helpful information on how to navigate the online world of tracking. He discusses ways of getting around tracking by social media, your computer and phone, and even your router. I never knew just how much was involved and how much we are being tracked until I started watching him.

Personal Development

These channels focus on health and healing to help you live your best life. They also touch on spiritual topics and how we are more than just a physical being. The only channel in this section is Autumn Asphodel. Just kidding, there is more.

Infinite Waters with Ralph Smart provides empowering advice and knowledge to help you stand up for your rights and freedom and find your true self. I started watching him more frequently during the 2020 crisis because he exposed the lies and empowered people to live freely. If you’re feeling down, his videos will cheer you up for sure.

Aaron Doughty discusses the law of attraction, manifestation, and how to raise your vibration. The information he provides is valuable.

And lastly, Jake Ducey discusses the law of attraction and how we’ve been conditioned by society to view ourselves as failures and how to raise yourself up by changing your mind and manifesting your desires. He has heavily discussed how to manifest money with techniques that actually work as well.


A lot of what I watch is gaming content, mostly let’s play of various games, both newer games and from my childhood. Gaming content was the first thing I started watching on YouTube back in 2008 and 2009.

The first gamer I started watching was SlimKirby. He plays a lot of Nintendo games, such as Mario Party and Zelda, and I’ve watched many of his playthroughs over the years. He is thorough and shows off everything there is in a game.

NintendoCapriSun also plays a ton of Nintendo games, and he was the second gamer I started watching frequently. I started watching his Zelda playthroughs and his commentary is hilarious. He’s not as thorough as others, such as not getting 100%, but it’s still enjoyable to watch.

Another gamer I found long ago is supergreatfriend. When he first started he was extremely thorough in the games he played, and the quality of his videos and content at the time was superior to that of any other I’ve found. Some of the earliest content I remember is Spy Fiction (which is how I found him), Deadly Premonition, and various Xbox Live Indie games which were always hilarious to watch. I also enjoyed The Witness playthrough and the suspense of nearly two years to finish the game, as well as the Bully Demise saga.

Later I ended up finding AttackingTucans and watched many of the mods he’s played of the Mario and Zelda series, in addition to his randomizer playthroughs. His commentary is absolutely hilarious and entertaining.

And finally, Vinesauce (Vinny) is a streamer on Twitch that I watch the full length videos on his Full Sauce channel. I found him from corruption videos where he corrupts a game resulting in some strange things. I mostly watch his corruption, stockpile, and various other indiee and unique game videos.

Not a gamer, but worth mentioning is SiIvaGunner, a channel focused on parodying game music. I decided to keep it in the gaming section since it’s mostly about game music. I actually found the channel through SlimKirby since he kept mentioning a version of the DK Rap that kept saying “coconut gun” and “CG” as well as having a racist bit in it, and I was confused. He said it was the Japanese version, so I looked it up and was surprised since I thought it was legit at first until I heard the racist bit. Then I realized this was a parody channel and looked up the other music and was pleasantly surprised. They upload multiple times a day and have various albums released on Bandcamp, all of which are in my music library.

Comedy / Parody

These are comedy and parody channels that will make you laugh. They may make fun of the things going on in the world and put a comedic twist on it.

The first channel is Norman Freeman. He is a male, but plays a woman in the skits, I guess like a drag queen. I’ll use female pronouns. I first found her ASMR pickle video and watched others and would laugh hysterically. The shocked sound effect is classic.

The United Spot (not mentioned in video) is a channel that makes fun of politics by using still images of politicians, such as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, and has a voiceover to make them say ridiculous things. It’s pretty creepy looking, but hilarious, especially the things Nancy Pelosi, the house drinker, says.

AwakenWithJP is a channel I started watching in 2020, but heard about prior to that. He makes fun of politics and the news, as well as other popular topics. He’s sarcastic with his comedy and will say things with a straight face.

A music parody channel WTFBrahh posts funny song versions of popular things that happen in politics and the world. The songs are quite catchy. I watched some of the videos years ago, but found the channel again more recently with amazing tracks.

And lastly, Media Bear is another music parody channel that I found in 2020 with their hit, “I Wear My Face Mask in the Car.” It’s sad, but it’s true. The non-awakened people love their face mask. He posts other videos and live streams besides just the music videos as well.


Those are the main channels I watch relatively frequently. I’ve learned a lot from them and have had many laughs. Be sure to follow the ones you are interested in as well. Let me know if you plan on following any of these channels, or if you already do watch any of them. I’m curious to know what your interests are as well.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

This list of channels are ones that I watch quite frequently. Some more than others, but I’ve learned a lot from these channels, and have had many laughs. While I do watch a variety of other content, these are the ones I watch the most. Others will remain a secret. 😏

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