Donald Trump. Just that name will upset so many people and bring about the feeling of hatred, anxiety, and fear. People with this intense hatred and fear often have Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, which is a form of mental illness. This condition started when he ran and became president of the United States in 2016 and 2017. However, even after his presidency, people cannot stop talking about him.

The symptoms of TDS include hatred and fear towards anything related to or in support of Donald Trump, impaired judgement and thinking when anything related to him comes up, and intense cognitive dissonance. Usually people develop this condition by consuming the mainstream fake news media as almost every single mainstream news source in the United States and the reporters on these stations and online publications also suffer from the condition.

I’m sure we all know someone with this condition, and may have even lost a few friends due to it. The hatred that people have towards someone they don’t even know, have never met, and aren’t able to fully understand, has caused a divide. An irrational mind can only see this man as the devil, tyrant, dictator set out to destroy the world. Yet, this just isn’t the case. Rather, it was the news media that has painted that narrative to intentionally divide people. It was not Donald Trump that divided people, but rather the mainstream media. Those, like myself, that did not watch or consume the fake news could see right through this agenda. But why was there an effort to divide people in this way?

The mainstream media, and many other politicians with this condition, used Donald Trump as their scapegoat. They would blame, and continue to blame, everything on him. It’s all his fault in their eyes. These people who blame everything on him are avoiding responsibility for their actions that have caused problems. He is an easy target since so many people hate him, and they know that anyone would believe the lies.

Let’s look at some scenarios of how this affects people’s lives. You have a friend who is glued to their mainstream news source that intentionally lies to them about what Donald Trump has said or done, even editing clips out of context to make it seem legitimate. Your friend tells you about this and you can clearly tell they are panicking and in intense stress. You try to calm them down by being rational, perhaps even showing them the full unedited clip, or viewing it from a different way, and they go off on you, shouting and yelling that you are a racist, fascist, and whatever else. Their hatred has clouded their judgement and has caused cognitive dissonance since they don’t want to look at the truth and what really happened, but instead want to stick with the false mainstream media narrative.

Some people are unwilling to agree on anything that Donald Trump does and will do the opposite due to their hatred of him. There is no human being that can do all bad, nor one that can do all good. There are going to be good qualities and things he does that people with TDS may like, but they will never see it because they are blinded by hate. They will take things out of content to fit their narrative.

We must not forget about the people who are the opposite of this. Those who praise everything he does and think he can do no wrong, or that he is the second coming of Jesus. These people too are clouded by their love for a flawed human being. And any human being makes mistakes and will have friends and enemies.

At the root of TDS and the hatred people have deep within them, as well as how the mainstream media colluded to divide people is something much more sinister. It’s a psyop, or psychological operation, that is intended to divide people and put them against one another. If you have TDS and an intense hatred towards a man you’ve never even met, unfortunately you’re the victim of a psyop perpetrated by the US government and CIA. They know what can set you off and will feed you that information to get you to do something. These thoughts aren’t your own, but rather implanted within you via the news media. Many other psyops exist, but this is just one that has caused a divide in humanity during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Hate will never go anywhere. I always find it ironic when people say that hate will never win, as they have hatred deep within them towards a man they don’t even know. My own personal belief is that I don’t hate the man or love him. I see some of the policies he’s put forward and agree with and support some of them, while disagreeing with others. I would never hate someone for any reason. I see the good and bad he’s done, and will praise someone when needed. But at the end of the day, is he really any different from any other politician? He may seem different on the surface, but what if the purpose was to divide people via the mainstream media and to shift the blame to a scapegoat, all while it was not anything different from any other corrupt politician who should actually be in jail. These people in politics, practically all of them criminals, don’t ever seem to be held accountable for their actions, and thus frustration comes about from those who see the crimes and want something done, but it never seems to happen. Remember, the game of politics is intended to divide. It’s a rigged game where you have a choice between criminal #1 and criminal #2. There is no difference, just an illusion of choice. The presidential selection is not one you have a say in.

When you hate someone, learn to let that go. Get off the news and go towards independent sources that are less biased. Learn to differentiate your own ideas and thoughts from those implanted in you by the mainstream media, and learn to be free and love one another. Be kind and accepting and it’ll go a long way.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

I personally have never dealt with this condition, but know quite a few people with it. All they do is hate hate hate and can see nothing good. It’s always negative and quite sad how the news media has shaped their mind and caused this divide. I can say it’s mostly all the news media because when I hear people talking about how bad this man is, and all the things he’s done to destroy the country and world, most of it isn’t even true, manipulation of the factors, or opinion. Very little of it is actually true. Turning off the mainstream media will help this condition immensely, but it’s hard for some people because the news is hypnotizing.

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