For this month, it’s spring time and there are some amazing snacks, including larger items and a bonus one. Rather big items too which is special.

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Vegancuts Snack Box | March 2021 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • Wiley Wallaby Classic Red Licorice“Aussie-style licorice bursting with natural strawberry flavor.”
    • The pieces are pretty big. It’s pretty good for a sweet treat, coming in at 4g of sugar per piece. While it is naturally sweetened with strawberry, there are artificial flavors along with Red 40 in the product, usually things I avoid.
  • RightRice Medley (Fried Rice, Harvest Pilaf OR Cajun Spice)“Veggie & protein-packed with ancient grains.”
    • I got the Harvest Pilaf flavor and it’s pretty good. It’s made of lentils and has a robust flavor. Definitely a good side dish to a main meal.
  • Back to Nature Cheddalicious Cheese-Flavored Crackers“These are literally the vegan cheez-its we’ve been waiting for.”
    • Taste just like Cheez-Its, but better. It’s crispier and has better flavor. Not to mention healthier than the brand name because of the better ingredients.
  • Minor Figures Organic Oat M*lk“Better for the planet and perfect with coffee or tea!”
    • I’ve had oat milk before. Usually it’s sweet and a bit thick in texture. But, this one seems different. It’s still sweet, but has a richer oat flavor. This is better than the other oat milk I’ve had.
  • Bakery on Main White Chip Raspberry Swirl Granola“Tart and sweet with creamy white chips and real raspberries.”
    • Very nice flavor of the raspberry and crunch of the granola. Certainly is better than the monster cookie flavor in the previous box.
  • RISE Brewing Oat Milk Mocha Nitro Cold Brew Coffee“Creamy, slightly sweet and refreshingly smooth.”
    • I prefer cold coffee over hot, though I rarely drink coffee. This one is pretty good, it’s sweet and has a nice chocolate flavor. The caffeine level is equivalent to that of a cup of coffee.
  • Artisana Cashew Cacao Pouches“Luscious chocolate cashew spread. (Pro Tip: drizzle over plant-based ice cream.)”
    • Tastes similar to the hazelnut cacao spread, but a little less sweet. Still pretty good though. I had it with apples.
  • Raisels Watermelon Sour Shock“Bite-size golden raisins packed with mouthwatering flavor.”
    • White raisins that are slightly sour, but not much. Don’t expect it to be like other sour candy you’ve had, since the sour is minor, but still good.
  • Hungry Buddha Triple Chocolate Bar“Keto snack bar that tastes and feels like a brownie.
    • There really is no flavor in this bar. It’s minor, but hardly no real taste. I was not a fan of it.
  • Sun Tropics Mochi Rice Bites: Sriracha OR Sea Salt“Traditional Japanese rice cakes transformed into a light & crunchy snack.”
    • I got the sea salt flavor and they were very tasty. It was crunchy and a bit chewy. Nice flavor of the rice bites.
  • BONUS: Dang Foods Coconut Crunch Thai Rice Chips“Coconutty, crunchy delights: eat as is or with a chocolate spread!”
    • A bit sweet and a nice taste of coconut in these rice chips. They aren’t super crunchy which is good, but have a great flavor!

Theme: Springtime Sweets and Super-Grains!
Sanctuary Supported: Chenoa Manor in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Use the code ASPHODEL to save $5 on your subscription box!

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